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100 days of Modi 2.0

As the Modi 2.0 achieves its first 100 days, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday stated that government is “compatible with national safety, growth and prosperity of the poor”.

• Praising the PM Modi and all my clerical partners on the fulfilment of the 100 days, Shah said that within this period Modi government has taken several important arrangements, for which every Indian had been waiting for 70 years. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government makes its first 100 days on September 6.

• The government is a representation of hope for every section of our society, the Home Minister said. He also applied the hashtag “#MODIfied100” in his tweets, praising the prime minister.

• Praising the successes of the government, he said that whether it was the settlement to exclude Article 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir or to free Muslim women from the bane of Triple Talaq or rising nation’s security equipment by improving the Unlawful Actions (Prevention) Act (UAPA Act), all these important settlements are a result of PM Modi’s emphatic leadership.

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