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112 detained in India to be freed

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The 112 evacuees, who travelled sent from China’s Wuhan and were being isolated at the ITBP facility in southwest Delhi, have been examined negative in the first analysis for coronavirus. 

  1. According to the News, the second line of tests will be taken out in the next 14 primes.
  2. If the effects of the second series of tests are also cynical then the evacuees will be released to go home.
  3. “The evacuees carry five toddlers, 80 men, and 32 women. Among the evacuees are 36 foreign citizens,” an official told.
  4. He cleared that none of the people quarantined had developed any symptoms of COVID19. He added that a team of doctors is monitoring the quarantined 24/7.

At the Indian Army’s equipment in Manesar, 119 people, who were carried from Tokyo, have been segregated for the past 14 days. Among them are 114 Indians and also 5 immigrants. These individuals were on-board the Diamond Princess Cruise ship which had been quarantined at Yokohoma, Japan.

AND ON 2 MARCH 2020 

There have been two actual cases of coronavirus in India. One case was found in New Delhi, while the other case was found in Telangana. Currently, both patients are undergoing treatment. The health department says that the condition of both is stable.

It is being told that the person in Delhi who has come to investigate the corona positive had recently visited Italy, while in Telangana, the corona positive person had come to Dubai. Corona victims have started dying in many countries of the world. Corona infection is growing rapidly outside of China in Iran and Italy. In these two countries, the number of people who died of the corona is increasing continuously.

  • A Kerala man who recently returned from Malaysia, where the coronavirus cases have been increasing, has died, doctors at a hospital in Ernakulam where he was being treated have spoken. He was admitted to a separation ward as a prudent action after he came in Kochi with several diseases.
  • Malaysia has around 25 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, according to reports, Samples were taken from the man in Kerala, nevertheless, had tested negative for the infection, which has been spreading crosswise the globe after it was first detected at a seafood market in China’s Wuhan.
  • The man had been undergoing from respiratory problems and disease. He was also a diabetic, doctors told. The Health Department, however, has sent more examples of the man to check whether his death is connected to the coronavirus.

Three people in India who had verified to have the virus have been released from hospital after they improved and tested declining for the coronavirus. Groups of Indians who came from China are under quarantine, while some of them have been discharged after sojourning under consideration for weeks.

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