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12 Crore Children May Be Vulnerable To Hunger: Report

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The Corona crisis can affect large numbers of children in South Asian countries, including India. In the new UNICEF statement, this thing has been expressed. According to an evaluation, 120 million children may fall into a need within the next six months. With this, the total number of such children in the area will increase to 36 crores.

The report includes eight nations in South Asia. Which includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka. It affirms that an estimated 24 million children in these countries are already in “multidimensional” poverty, including factors such as poor health, lack of education, lack of sanitation and poor quality of work. Apart from this, 12 crore more children will fall into need due to Kovid-19 crisis, which will increase the number of such children to 36 crore.

The report also shows the contrary result of the wall from Kovid-19 in immunization, nutrition and other important health services. A research report by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was quoted as saying, “8 lakh 81,000 children and 36,000 mothers under the age of five years or 36 may fall in the next 12 months in South Asia.” is. A high number of these deaths will be recorded in India and Pakistan. However, the level of excess mortality can also be seen in Bangladesh and Afghanistan. ”

Yasmin Haque, the representative of UNICEF India, said that there is a need to start basic essential services at the earliest. He told PTI, “We have to increase the main essential services for children as soon as possible. Malnutrition is already a problem in India and we have seen a lot of energy in the nutrition campaign. We need to come back to that energy level. We need to see how Anganwadi centres will work during Kovid-19.

He said that additional budget and expenditure would be required for this. There will be a need to accelerate not only in the health sector but also at the panchayat level and sarpanch level. A special problem has arisen in India and Nepal by making hundreds of schools separate centres. The report said that the most disturbing aspect is the blame of the spread of Kovid-19 to the ethnic or religious communities.

Hate sermons have been seen in various nations including Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. UNICEF’s Regional Advisor for Communication for Development L. Saad said, “We have to make online and offline efforts to resist false report.” The report also raised concerns about keeping child criminals in detention and care centres before going on trial in India.

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