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12 Lakh People Will Get Job Openings

ICEA (ICEA), an association of mobile handset manufacturing companies, said the companies have committed investment of Rs 11,000 crore under the Production Incentive Scheme (PLI) related to domestic manufacturing of mobile phones. With this, the manufacturing of mobile phones in the country is expected to increase from two to two and a half times. The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) is a representative body representing companies such as Apple, Foxconn, Wistron, Lava etc.

11 lakh crore mobile phone will be manufactured

Global companies such as Samsung, Wistron, Pegatron, Foxconn, and Hon Hai (Hon Hai) as well as Lava, Dixon, Micromax, Padget Electronics (Padget) Domestic companies such as Electronics), Sojo, UTL and Optiemus have also applied under the PLI. These companies have set a target of manufacturing mobile phones worth Rs 11 lakh crore in the next five years. According to ICEA, due to domestic manufacturing of these companies, it is estimated that the production of mobile phones worth Rs 27.5 lakh crore is expected in the country.

Telecom and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced that a total of 22 domestic and foreign companies have applied under the PLI. This will provide employment opportunities to about 12 lakh people. Prasad said that the government’s production of Rs 41,000 crore has been made under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme.

3 lakh direct jobs will be available

ICE Chairman Pankaj Mahindra said in a statement that companies under PLI have committed a total investment of Rs 11,000 crore. In this, mobile phones worth Rs 11.50 lakh crore are to be manufactured. 60 per cent of it will be exported. This will generate about three lakh direct jobs. He described it as the government’s commitment to achieving the goals of Make in India and Self-reliant India campaign. Mahindra said that this will increase the value addition of mobile phones manufactured domestically to 35-40 per cent. It is now 15 to 20 per cent.

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