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Airlines are not returning the money: TAAI

What is the whole subject..?

TAII, an organisation of ticket booking agents, claimed on Tuesday that most of the airlines, members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), had stopped the refund system for agents on the Global Delivery Service System (GDS). The organization has requested the Civil Aviation Ministry to direct the aviation companies to refund the cancelled ticket tickets to the customers.

Most airlines from domestic airlines have refused to refund the money to customers whose flights have been cancelled due to ‘lockdown’ (closure) or visa and travel restrictions by various countries. It also includes those customers who have cancelled tickets on their own due to the epidemic.

Airlines are forcing customers to take travel vouchers. In some cases, the validity of these vouchers is one year. Not only this, but domestic airlines have also started booking tickets after April 15, except for the public sector Air India. The three-week lockdown will be effective until 14 April.

Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Vice President Jai Bhatia said in a statement, “Due to travel restrictions by governments across the world, customers/travelers want to cancel tickets made through agents and want their money back, but Aviation companies are not returning the money.”

The organization has requested the Ministry of Civil Aviation to direct aviation companies to refund the cancelled ticket tickets to customers.

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