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Alert! Now You Have to Squat Like This

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made several changes in the rules keeping safety in mind. At the same time, some new rules have also been implemented. A new guideline of the Ministry has been released for people riding bikes. It has been told in this guideline that what rules are to be followed by the people sitting in the back seat of the bike driver. Know about the new rules.

Handhold behind driver’s seat

  1. According to the ministry’s guideline, handhold is necessary on both sides of the rear seat of the bike. The handhold is for the safety of riding in the back.
  2. Handhold proves to be very helpful in the event of a sudden crash of the bike driver. Till now most bikes did not have this facility. Along with this, the pedestal has been made mandatory on both sides for those who sit behind the bike. 
  3. Apart from this, at least half of the left part of the rear wheel of the bike will be covered securely so that the clothes of those sitting behind do not get tangled in the rear wheel.

New guidelines concerning casings

Let us know that recently the government has also issued a new guideline regarding tires. Under this, a tire pressure monitoring system has been suggested for vehicles up to a maximum weight of 3.5 tons. Through the sensor in this system, the driver gets the information about the condition of the air in the tire of the vehicle. Along with this, the Ministry has also recommended tire repair kits. After its introduction, the vehicle will not require extra tires.

The government keeps changing the rules of road safety from time to time. In the last few years, the emphasis has been laid on tightening the rules of road safety.

& Sports release

  • Australian opener David Warner has been ruled out of the first Test against India starting on 17 December in Adelaide due to a groin injury. Warner said that he wants to get away from being 100 per cent fit in Test cricket and his goal is the Boxing Day Test starting on 26 December in Melbourne.
  • The 34-year explosive opener, Warner said, “Now the injuries are better than before, but I want to get down 100 percent fit for my comfort, so that the run and fielding between the wickets will remain as expected.”
  • He said, ‘I am not at that level right now. There will be a lot of difference in the next 10 days. ‘Warner was hurt during the second ODI and he could not play the third ODI and three T20 matches series in Canberra.

Australian coach Justin Langer said, “Hopefully he will be fit before the Melbourne Test.” I am confident. ‘Warner’s absence from the play will increase the headache of selectors regarding the start of the innings.


When Kohli was asked whether he would like to field Pandya as a specialist batsman in the four-Test series, he refused. Explaining his priorities, Kohli said, “Hardik cannot bowl and we know he will not be able to bowl, but we saw in the IPL what mentality he is in.” But Test cricket is a different challenge and we need their bowling.

He said, ‘We talked about it. He is a player who gives us a lot of balance in foreign conditions like South Africa and England. He brings a lot of balance in bowling.

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