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Alert! Unacademy database hacked.

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India’s largest e-learning platform Unacademy is reported to be hacked. It is being told that by breaking into Unacademy’s servers, hackers have stolen the information of 22 million or more than 22 million students. According to the report, all students’ information is available for sale online on the Dark Web.

According to a report by security firm Cybele, 21,909,707 data of Unacademy has been leaked, which is worth the US $ 2,000. Let us know that Unacademy has recently received US $ 110 funding from Facebook, General Atlantic and Sequoia.

The company has a market value of 500 million US dollars. Students’ data leaked from Unacademy’s site includes information such as username, password, login date, email ID, full name, and account status and account profile.

UnAcademy co-founder and CTO Hemesh Singh has confirmed the data leak but has also claimed that students’ information is safe. He said, ‘We are closely monitoring the situation. We believe that some information about 11 million students have been leaked. ‘

Singh said that they use the PBKDF2 algorithm to keep the data encrypted. He has said that the unacademy uses OTP-based login systems for additional security. Hemesh Singh has said that the company is investigating the case.

Unacademy is India’s largest platform which is providing thousands of free courses for their learners. You can refer to them for free. They are made from all sorts of educators. Unacademy has introduced a new thing which is unacademy plus.

Unacademy was founded by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh and Sachin Gupta as an educational YouTube channel. Gaurav and Hemesh were previously running Flatchat, which was acquired by CommonFloor in 2014.

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