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All Updates from the PM Modi-Chinese President Xi meet

Chinese Arrived in India on Friday noon…

Updates from the Friday 

As per the media reports, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar explained the meeting between Modi and Xi on the first day of the informal summit as “highly productive”.

There was no clear word on whether Modi and Xi discussed the Kashmir matter. In a tweet following the dinner, Modi said he was captivated to spend time with Xi.

Mamallapuram is one of the most fascinating places in India, full of vibrancy. It is connected to commerce, spirituality and is now a popular tourist centre. I am delighted that President Xi Jinping and I are spending time in this scenic place, which is also a @UNESCO heritage site,” he stated.

In the late afternoon, Modi and Xi tasted coconut water and involved in informal communication in a comfortable setting in the backdrop of 7th-century rock-cut chariots of Pancha Ratha viewing the Bay of Bengal.

Modi, dressed in a Tamil attire of Veshti (Dhoti), white shirt and an ‘angavastram’, took Xi for a guided tour of the famous world heritage sites of Arjuna’s Penance, Krishna’s Butterball, the Pancha Ratha and Shore temple in this ancient temple town, kicking off the second informal summit between the two leaders.

The free-flowing energy of the informal summit at the UNESCO world heritage site will remain and deepen connections at the highest level and lead the future trajectory of India-China relationship,” the MEA spokesperson tweeted.

Xi’s visit to India comes two days after he held talks with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in Beijing. After the talks, a joint comment said China is paying “close attention” to the situation in Kashmir and that the issue should be properly and peacefully solved based on the UN Charter. The remarks elicited a sharp reaction from New Delhi.

Shortly after Xi’s aircraft reached down in Chennai, government experts said the two leaders are assumed to issue some directions at the edge of the summit on Saturday as they did after the first edition of a new format of action in the Chinese city of Wuhan last year.

Executives on both the sides said the focus of the Modi-Xi summit would be to move ahead and chart a new pathway of growth notwithstanding sharp differences between the two countries over several contentious issues.

In the footage broadcasted by public broadcaster Doordarshan of the two leaders visiting the magnificent buildings, Modi was seen passionately demonstrating to the Chinese leader the historical importance of the monuments with the dazzling shade sun casting a soft glow over the iconic site.

Xi, wearing a white shirt and a black trouser, was seen showing keen interests in the famous caves and stone sculptures in the heritage site in this coastal town which had historical links with China’s Fujian province.

Modi and Xi, assisted by one translator from each side, sat down for around 15 minutes at Pancha Ratha complex, an example of monolithic Indian rock-cut architecture, and engaged in casual talks while sipping coconut water images reflecting warmth in personal chemistry between the two leaders of two emerging economies.

  • After the development, Modi hosted Xi for a private dinner at the Bank temple complex which was elegantly adorned with lights and flowers.
  • Eight delegates from each side were also invited for the dinner and they sat in table’s minute away from Xi and Modi’s.
  • Cautiously chosen official Tamil cookeries, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, were served in the dinner.
  • At the sight of Krishna’s butterball, a gigantic granite boulder resting securely on the slope of a hillock, Modi kept aloof Xi’s hands, showing friendliness in their personal chemistry.

On Saturday…

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on Saturday after their free-wheeling deliberations on Friday in Tamil Nadu’s Mamallapuram. Recalibration of bilateral relations, opposing terrorism were some of the issues examined in the “open and cordial” talks that went on for around two-and-half hours.
  • On Saturday, the heads met for the second day of negotiations. India and China held one-on-one meetings and delegation-level talks. After the talks, both the sides will publish separate announcements on the outcome of the summit.
  • “Both sides know that a lot is driving on the connection and this is indicated in the summit being held in inventory notwithstanding meditations of its postponement in recent weeks,” a superior official stated.

As per the media reports…

  • 12:30 pm: PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at an exhibition.
  • 12:25 pm: “We had decided that we will manage our differences prudently and won’t allow them to turn into disputes. We will remain sensitive about our concerns and our relationship will contribute towards peace and stability in the world,” said PM Modi.
  • 12:11 pm: “Today’s Chennai meet is the start of a new era in India-China relations,” PM Modi said.
  • 12:10 pm: “We are really overwhelmed by your hospitality. I and my colleagues have felt that very strongly. This will be a memorable experience for me and us,” said President Xi.

Biggest Breaking PM Modi cleans Mamallapuram beach on Saturday morning.

Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning. It lasted for over 30 minutes. Also handed over my ‘collection’ to Jeyaraj, who is a part of the hotel staff? Let us ensure our public places are clean and tidy! Let us also ensure we remain fit and healthy,” PM Modi tweeted.

Important perspectives from Today PM Modi-Chinese President Xi meet (On Friday). By India Business Story


  • China and India will develop a new mechanism to handle trade, investment and services and this were one of the key sectors of conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the foreign ministry said today.
  • “The two leaders articulated about trade and investment between the two countries. The trade debt was also spoken about and it was decided that there will be a new tool in place for trade and investment between the two nations,” foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale stated.
  • The new ambition will be headed by the Vice Premier of China and India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, he replied.

Kashmir Issue 

Foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale stated that there are no talks between Kasmir matters between two leaders. Both the leaders don’t have any chat at this topic.

Xi Jinping requested both the countries to take the 70th anniversary of China-India diplomatic relations next year as an occasion for more comprehensive and broader cultural and people-to-people exchanges, China’s state media Xinhua News Agency promulgated. The Chinese President also called on the two countries to simultaneously push forward dialogue and exchanges among diverse cultures, to “inject more constant driving force into the development of bilateral ties and continue to create new brilliance for Asian civilisations”, Xinhua stated.

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