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Announcement of privilege in work linked to farming.

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A guideline has been released today by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding Lockdown Part-2. According to this guideline, neither the plane will run nor the metro or bus. Those already exempted will continue. Apart from this, the concession has also been given for agriculture-related works. Along with this, Corona Warriors have been allowed to travel by trains or buses.

In the guideline sent by the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Chief Secretary and Administrative Officers, it has been said that concession will be given for agriculture-related work. At the same time, the ban on industrial activities will continue. All types of transport services will be banned. Schools and colleges will also remain closed. It will be mandatory to wear masks in public places.

What will be locked..?

All domestic or international flights, trains (for passenger movement), all educational-training-coaching centres, industrial and commercial activity, hotels, taxis, auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, cinema halls, shopping complexes, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pool, bar, theatre, any event, all religious places will remain closed. Apart from this, no more than 20 people will be allowed to attend any funeral.

No concession in a hotspot area

No concession will be granted in the hotspot area of ​​Corona. Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health will be followed in these areas. Also, no one will be allowed to exit. Home delivery of essential goods will be done. There will be a movement of the personnel and medical staff engaged in the security of the area.

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