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Another Big Reveal of Chinese Espionage

Not only India but the whole world is disturbed by China’s nefarious intentions. It was revealed on Monday morning that China is monitoring about ten thousand people of India, including from the President of the country to the Prime Minister. Now a similar disclosure has been made about Britain, where a Chinese company has spied 40 thousand people of Britain.

The British newspaper The Telegraph has written in its report that a Chinese company has prepared a database of about 40,000 British people, which is being used by the Chinese government for its intelligence service.

According to the report, this company has prepared data from big UK politicians, businessmen, actors. A folder of all these people has been prepared in the Chinese server, in which the information of all these people is limited.

According to the Telegraph’s claim, the Chinese company has prepared a database of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet, royal family, army officers, businessmen and many criminals. There are many more names in the list, but so far it has not been revealed how China has collected their data and has been doing it since.

China is getting spied in India by some companies, under it, everyone from Prime Minister to Union Minister, Chief Minister to Army Officer and from big officers to businessmen are targeting him. At a time when India has banned many Chinese companies and the situation is tense, then such disclosure is shocking.

The English newspaper Indian Express has claimed in a report that the Chinese company Shenzhen monitors about ten thousand people in India. This company has a direct relationship with the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China. This Chinese company has an eye on about ten thousand Indians, from Prime Minister to a Mayor.

  • Among the Indians who are being monitored by Zhenzhuah Data Information Technology Company Limited, President Ram Nath Kovind
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Justice of India, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Gandhi Parivar, Mamta Banerjee, Uddhav Thackeray, Naveen Patnaik Leaders, Union ministers like Rajnath Singh-Piyush Goyal, CDS Bipin Rawat and many big army officers are included.
  • The English newspaper claims that Chinese companies are following the digital lives of all these celebrities, as well as how these people, their families and supporters work, is also being monitored.
  • The Chinese company is collecting real-time data of all these people, which is shared with the Chinese government. In which there is also a list of relatives of big leaders, sportsmen, businessmen, journalists, who are being monitored.

The company has been found with the Chinese government

The Indian Express has alleged that for this complete inquiry, the Shenzan Information Technology Firm, along with the Chinese government and the Communist Party, has created an information database of overseas under which the mission is completed.

This data is collected by the company gives the name of Hybrid War to Chinese companies, which make it a mission to gather information about someone. On one hand, while China is trying to provoke a war on LAC by infiltrating into India, on the other hand, it is keeping an eye on big leaders to officers.

In its report, Indian Express has revealed that besides politicians, players like Sachin Tendulkar, businessmen like Gautam Adani, film directors Shyam Benegal, Sonal Mansingh, Radhe Maa are also eyeing China.

Names from current to former leaders

In this list, in addition to the current Prime Minister, there are about five former Prime Ministers, more than 20 Chief Ministers, heads of political parties, current Army Chief, besides a dozen former Chiefs, MPs, officers working in different ministries, even such people Those who have a record of crime in India are included.

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