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Another Hit Marked After Priyanka Chopra

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Global icon actress Priyanka Chopra has recently released her book ‘Unfinished’. While she made her mark in the world of films, in the writing world too, she did not lag behind. His book ‘Unfinished’ has become the best seller in America (US) in the last 12 hours. The actress has shared this achievement with her fans.

  1. Priyanka Chopra has given information about her book is the best seller on Instagram Story. The top 10 books of the US wrote that Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ book is unfinished at number 1 in the US Best Sellers in the last 24 hours. 
  2. Expressing her gratitude on this, Priyanka wrote – ‘Thank you to everyone who brought us to number 1 in the last 12 hours in the 
  3. The US Hope you like the book. It is known that Priyanka has mentioned every small and big event of her life in this book, through which she has reached here today.

Name the book before writing

Earlier, the actress made a post regarding the name of the book. She writes – ‘Strange thing is, I gave the name of this memoir years before writing it. After being a public person for 20 years, which has a list of many more things to live for and apart from my personality, personally and professionally, I am very much #Unfinished. The funny thing about writing a memoir is that it changes the way you look at things, which you thought. While writing this I found that Unfinished has a deep meaning for me, but it is the most common thing in my life.

Priyanka Chopra has so far shared many videos and posts on social media about Unfinished ‘, through which she not only made her fans aware of this book but also thanked the fans for the love the book is getting. Talking about Priyanka Chopra’s work front, the actress was last seen in ‘The Sky Is Pink’. In which Zaira Wasim, Farhan Akhtar and Rohit Sharaf were seen with him.

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