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Are Bricklins Creating Problems for the Environment

Every year in India whenever winter starts Enviromemt became the main concern for the people in India, People starting having environment issues and start talking about a healthy environment for the people they want that government t should take all impotent measures to have a healthy environment. Especially in Delhi, people raise their voice against the environment and the borders the state like Haryana and Punjab, Uttar Pradesh good citizens of Delhi blamed these 3 states for the pollution.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal blames these 3 sates for the pollution in the capital but CM forgets that on Diwali becomes a gas chamber people of Delhi burns crackers in large number that cause massive air pollution in the city, and NCR. On the other hand, is traffic this also is the major reason for the pollution in air but  People of Delhi don’t understanding
the impotence of nature, the Delhi government also launched the odd-even system in the capital earlier it was the success it was not implemented properly.

Due to this pollution people in Delhi are facing hard circumstances children are having problems like Asthama, Lungs cancer and other heart diseases. Earlier there was a report published that breathing in Delhi is like smoking 10 cigarettes in a day. But People don’t have any concern towards the environment. Anand Vihar in place in East Delhi is the most polluted region or we can say that area in the world. People in that area suffer from heart disease and developed breathing problems. Last Year Government of Delhi bring the Water Guns to remove smoke from the sky it was a complete waste of money, it hardly has some impact, the government should make laws which make some an environment healthy and safe for living.

Now coming to the other part of the story Are Bricklins Creating Problems for the Environment? National Green Tribunal ( NGT ) in 2018 has issued the notice to the Union Environment Ministry and the state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Harayana and Punjab and Delhi due illegal operations of Brick kilns in the states. As per the environmentalist, these four sates are running the brick kilns without permission and not filling pollution norms and according to NGT these Brick Kilns are causing massive air and water pollution and it is also causing heavy damages to the workers who are working there they working in very dangerous conditions especially women employees.

Brick Kilns have ordered that they should have zig-zag chimneys to reduce the air pollution but industries or we can say that owner of the brick kilns is failed to implement the chimneys. EPCA in 2018 has called off the operations of Brick Kilns. During the winter seasons, these brick kilns identified has the major problem for air pollution. In this,  video you will hear the problems of the Brick kiln owner MR Narendra Kumar he talks about the challenges and the problems he is facing to running the brick kiln. The State and central should do something and should not only blame brick-kilns for the pollution.

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