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Are Nirbhaya’s culprits going to be hanged..?

As per the media reports, the four persons sentenced in the gang-rape, pain and murder of a young medical pupil in Delhi in 2012 will be hanged someday, symbolise arrangements at Tihar Jail in Delhi. Legal alternatives still open to the prisoners, however, may delay the process.

References in Tihar, say specific threads for the hanging are being transported from jail in Bihar’s Buxar, which also carried threads for the hanging of Parliament assault convict Afzal Guru in 2013. An effigy fulfilling has also been brought out to test the scaffolds. The convicts are all in various cells and being watched through CCTV, Methods for the hanging are being formed in Jail Number 3, where executions take place.

What is the Nirbhaya case?

  • The 23-year-old lady, who came to be recognised as Nirbhaya or, departed 16 days after the onslaught, leaving the nation appalled and outraged.
  • The student was raped by six people on the night of December 16, 2012, on a travelling bus, and hurt with an iron rod before being thrown out on the street, unconcealed and bleeding. She died on December 29, 2012, at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, where she was declared after being airdropped from Delhi for medication.
  • One of the involved, Ram Singh, hanged himself in the jail and another prisoner, a juvenile, was sent to a reformation facility for three years.

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