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Arnab Goswami Nab

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Raigad police arrested Arnab Goswami, founder and doer of Republic TV, in connection with abetment to suicide. A team of Raigad Police and Mumbai Police reached the house of Arnab Goswami and detained it at 6:30 am. Arnab was detained from his home and was entrusted with the responsibility of completing the paperwork at the local NM Joshi Marg police station, encounter specialist Sachin Waze.

What is the matter?

  1. The case of abetment to suicide is from May 2018. When 53-year-old Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud Naik committed suicide in their bungalow in Alibaug. 
  2. In a letter, 3 people were held responsible for the suicide by Anvay Naik. According to the suicide letter of Anvay, Arnab Goswami, Feroz Sheikh and Nitesh Sarada were responsible and wrote that Rs 5 crore 40 lakhs of my wages were not received, due to which I am in debt.
  3. Anvay Naik was the Managing Director of Concord Design Private Limited Company. Anvay’s mother, Kumud Naik, was also on the board of directors at the company. 
  4. Concord Design Private Limited Company did the design of the studio and office of Republic TV. According to the wife of Anvay Naik, Republic TV did not pay the bill which the Concord Design Company gave in place of this work.
  5. According to Anvay’s suicide note, due to non-payment of Rs 5 crore 40 lakh, he suffered financial loss and was in financial condition. At that time Republic TV made it clear that they were paid in full as per the agreement with Concord Design.

After this suicide, based on complaint and suicide note of Anvay’s wife, Alibag police had registered a case of abetment to suicide. Due to lack of sufficient evidence and fact in the allegations, the Raigad police filed a closure report of the case, which was accepted by the court. In May 2020, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh ordered to start the investigation of the case once again based on a written complaint letter by Ananya Naik’s daughter Adanya Naik and handed over the case to the Crime Branch.

This morning, Arnab was arrested from his house. During this, Arnab alleged that the Mumbai Police had assaulted and misbehaved with him. Arnab will be produced in Alibag’s court.

  • Kangana Ranaut has reacted and attacked the Maharashtra government fiercely. Supporting the journalist, the actress asked ‘how many voices will the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray try to shut down?’
  • She wrote that ‘many great people have also faced such abuse for the sake of freedom’.
  • Posting a video on Twitter, he wrote – “I want to ask the Maharashtra government that today you went to Arnab Goswami’s house, beat him up and pulled his hair.”

How many houses will you break and how many throats? How many hairs will you pull? Sonia Sena, how many voices will you stop? These voices will only increase. Many people have been hanged for free speech. “He also asked why he was so infuriated at being called Pappu Sena and Sonia Sena.

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