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Asking Carry – Bag From Your Shopkeeper is Now Easy

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Modi government has given many rights to consumers of the country from today. The Consumer Protection Act of 2019 has been implemented in the entire countryThe new Consumer Protection Act of 1986 has been replaced. After nearly 34 years, new consumer law has come into force in the country. 

  • Under the new rule, a consumer can file a case in any consumer courts of the country. Along with this, the provision of both penalty and punishment has been made on misleading advertisements.
  • With this, the shopkeepers have been tightened. According to the new law, if the shopkeeper collects the charge of the Carry Bag and if the consumer files a complaint, then action will be taken. Taking extra money to carry bags has become punishable under the new law.

Shopkeepers Can’t Take Carry Bag Money

Let us know that now if any customer demands a carry bag after purchasing the goods, then he will not have to pay for it. The second thing is also that if that customer is not able to carry the goods in hand then the shopkeeper will have to give a carry bag. There were complaints about this in many consumer forums of the country, after which the consumer forum started to pay a fine on the store or shopkeeper for taking the money of carrying bag. Now strict provisions have been made in this new law.

Misleading advertising is also banned

In such a situation, it will be mandatory for cricket players and film personalities to test their credibility before promoting any products. So now, be it big cricket stars or film celebrities or any other artist or any other celebrity if you advertise a product, then be careful. Before promoting the advertisement, it is the responsibility of the celebrity to investigate the claim made in the advertisement. In the new law, any wrong information related to the product will make the celebrity who does that advertisement difficult.

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