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Ballots in Pestilence

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Elections will be held in 243 seats in Bihar, till 29 November in the state. This time the number of polling stations and manpower has been increased. More than seven crore voters will vote in the 2020 elections in Bihar. This time there will be only one thousand voters at one booth.This time 6 lakh PPE kits will be given to the State Election Commission, 46 lakh masks will also be used. Seven lakh hand sanitisers will be used, along with 6 lakh face shields will be used. There are more than 18 lakh migrant labourers, out of which 16 lakh can cast their votes. People up to the age of 80 will be able to vote with the postal ballot.

  • Voting will be held from 7 am to 6 pm. But this will not happen in Naxalite affected areas. Only five people will be able to go in the Dur to Dur campaign.
  • This time the nomination and the affidavit will also be filled online, the deposit can also be submitted online.
  • Only two people will be present with the candidate at the time of nomination. No one will be allowed to shake hands during the campaign.

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the petition seeking the postponement of the Assembly elections in Bihar. The petitioner had cited the worsening situation in the state due to Corona. The court said- We have already made it clear that the Election Commission is capable of taking decisions keeping all the things in mind as per the situation.


The hurdle to save legacy in front of Chirag

Ram Vilas Paswan laid the foundation of LJP to give political options to Dalits in Bihar, which is commanded by his son Chirag Paswan these days. Although Chirag is a part of NDA, even with it, Chirag has maintained an anti-image till now.

Pappu Yadav to mature Kingmaker

Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav, who studied politics by holding the finger of Lalu Yadav, is in the particular method of becoming a kingmaker. Pappu Yadav wants to achieve his political survival by forming the Jan Adhikar Party. He has been an MP five eras. He was elected MP in 1991, 1996, 1999, 2004 and 2014

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