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Bhutan confirms initial coronavirus case

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The isolated Himalayan nation of Bhutan has proclaimed its first case of the coronavirus after a US tourist examined sure, the prime minister announced Friday.The 76-year-old man appeared in Bhutan from India on March 2 and was related to a sanatorium on March 5 with a frenzy, where he examined positive for COVID-19, the office of Prime Minister Lotay Tshering announced in a Facebook support.Schools in three states — including the capital Thimphu — will be stopped for two weeks from Friday.The victim, who has not been identified, left Washington on February 10, touring India from February 21 to March 1.

Health leaders say they have discovered about 90 people he came into touch within Bhutan, with his 59-year-old partner, driver and guide all being placed in quarantine. None is currently showing signs.Eight Indian citizens who were on the steps to Bhutan have also been isolated.

More than 3,000 people have gone from book coronavirus, with nearly 100,000 regular epidemics globally.

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