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China is becoming a headache for its neighbours?

Even though the Chinese Army claims itself to be a professional force, the recent confrontation with the Indian Army has exposed its hollow claim. Evidence of low-level acts and hooliganism by Chinese troops has come to light amid the ongoing dispute between China and India over the border for some time. In a recent standoff with the Indian Army in the Pangong Tso Lake area in the eastern Ladakh sector, Chinese soldiers used sticks, barbed wire poles and stones to target the Indian security forces.

Sources told the news agency ANI, ‘The Chinese have behaved like Pakistan-backed rockers who use stones and sticks to target Indian security forces in the Kashmir Valley. Chinese soldiers armed with sticks, barbed wire clubs, stones and weapons came to the area near Pangong Tso Lake during a confrontation with Indian soldiers. ‘

US President’s tweet.

The US president has offered to mediate amid continuing tensions along the border between India and China. He has said that the US has told both countries that we are ready to meditate on the border dispute. The US President has said this by tweeting. The US President’s response to this offer is awaited by both countries.

In recent times, the forces of India and China in Ladakh and North Sikkim have increased their presence to a great extent. This gives a clear indication of the escalation of tensions and sternness on both sides, even after two weeks of two separate, escalating incidents between the armies of the two countries.

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Reply from India.

  • India has said that the Chinese military is obstructing the general patrol of its forces on the LAC in Ladakh and Sikkim, and strongly refutes Beijing’s claim that tensions between the two armies increased with the Indian army intruding towards the Chinese border is.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs said that all activities of India are on its side on the border. He said that India always takes a very responsible stand on border management. He also said that India is fully committed to protecting its sovereignty and security.’No eye can show Modi’s India’. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad made a big statement on the ongoing tension near the Ladakh border between India and China. He said that no eye can show India of Narendra Modi.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, while answering a question related to this issue in a line on Wednesday, said, “All I want to say is that no eye can show Narendra Modi’s India”. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s statement has come at a time when not only the country but the world is eyeing the response of the Indian government to the antics of China. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has expressed about India’s unyielding intentions with the statement that it is not going to come under Chinese pressure.

Political Synopsis in India.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that the government’s ‘silence’ on the current situation on the border with China (China) is giving rise to speculation and in such a situation, the government is right about I should tell the country. He tweeted, “The government’s silence on the situation on the border with China is giving rise to a lot of speculation and uncertainty at the time of crisis.” Gandhi said, “Government should come forward and clarify what is happening India should be told about that.

China Roles in Hong Kong 

  • China presented the draft of the disputed national security bill in Hong Kong on Friday (May 22) in its parliament. It aims to further strengthen control of Hong Kong, formerly a British colony. On July 1, 1997, Britain entrusted Hong Kong with a two-nation agreement to China. The agreement gives Hong Kong people more freedom than the Chinese mainland.
  • Hong Kong is the hub of economic activity and China has given it special administrative zone status. The bill introduced in the National People’s Congress of China (NPC) provides for the establishment of a law system and reform and enforcement system in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in view of national security. It is noteworthy that a week-long session of NPC has started.
  • The new draft bill provides for the elimination of separatist, foreign interference with destructive activity and eviction of terrorist activities. Let us know that China is constantly troubled by these problems and violent anti-government protests are increasing in Hong Kong. The bill prohibits activities of treason, segregation, treason and sabotage and goes beyond the Hong Kong legislature.
  • China’s plan has been condemned by Hong Kong opposition legislators, human rights groups and the US. Pro-democracy legislator Denis Kwok said, “This is the end of a two-country system.” The passage of the bill from the NPC is believed to be certain because its image is of a rubber stamp approving the decision of the Communist Party of China. The bill has been introduced at a time when the Hong Kong people are demanding political and administrative autonomy under the 1997 Agreement.
  • However, Bill underlines that the threat to national security has become a major problem in Hong Kong and is hurting the fundamental principle of a two-country system. This poses a threat to the rule of law, national sovereignty and security. Many prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders, including Democratic Party leader Wu Chi Wai, called the declaration the end of the ‘one country two principles’. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong stock market plunged more than five per cent on Friday after news of China introducing the bill. Hangseng settled at 22,930.14 with a fall of 1,349.99 points.

China believes that they are the boss of Asia. There are many regions why China assumes that it’s the only Asian Nation in UNSC and has great economic potential.

China and its supremacy are now creating a predicament for several countries. The genuine problem is the Chinese government and the doctrine behind it. The guiding philosophy of Marxism, the traditional ideal of the socialism with Chinese features, the national spirit with loyalty as the core, the spirit of the times with reform too change as the core and the socialist idea of honour and disgrace organise the basic contents of the socialist core advantages.

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