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Corona lockdown may let 7 million women be expecting casually: Study

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Coronavirus has emerged as the most dangerous disease in this century. This epidemic has created further economic and social challenges in front of society, in which the situation of the economy has collapsed in many countries due to the lockdown.On 27 April, the United Nations Population Fund released research stating that women are unable to access family planning services, are getting pregnant involuntarily, and are falling prey to gender-related violence.If such a pandemic continues to spread and it is difficult to stop it, then cases of unwanted pregnancy of women in the world will increase.

On the one hand, the governments of the world are busy in preventing the spread of the virus, on the other hand, there is a crisis due to lack of necessary reproductive health services.47 million women in 114 low and middle-income countries do not have advanced contraceptive facilities. If the lockdown continues for the next six months and main health services are not restored, 7 million women in the world are expected to get pregnant unannounced.

The research was conducted by United Nation Sexual and Reproductive Health Agency in association with Avneer Health, Johns Hopkins University and Victoria University. If the lockdown continues, according to research, 2 million women will not be able to get contraception every three months.According to research, the effect of lockdown is being seen more on women. Fear of the virus spreading will prevent women from going to the hospital for their treatment and checkup. The impact on the supply chain of contraceptive medicines will also limit availability.

Data released in research suggests that the devastating effects of Kovid-19 will soon be visible on the world’s women and girls. Dr Natalia Kanem, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund, says that millions of women will not be able to do family planning, protect their health and body due to this epidemic.Dr Kanem says that reproductive rights and health of women should always be a priority. Services for women should be run continuously and supplies should continue. He said that a weak woman should be given protection.

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