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Corona Tracking App Arogya Setu.

More than one crore people have downloaded it in a short time after the launch of the Arogya Setu app. This government app helps people assess the risk and risk of coronavirus infection. 

It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone smartphones. This special app will help in finding out about the corona positive people present nearby. This is done using your mobile’s Bluetooth, location and mobile number. Let’s see how to use the Arogya Setu App…

Tracing can be like Aadhaar number

There was a long debate about the information related to the Aadhar card and the matter even went to the Supreme Court. 

There have also been reports on several occasions that the Aadhaar card data has been leaked and the private information of thousands of people has become public or reached to any party who may misuse it.

The Aadhaar card was launched to make ration and other government facilities corruption-free. But later the government told the Supreme Court that linking Aadhaar with bank accounts and PAN cards is being used to prevent tax evasion and money laundering. Aadhaar card is required for a mobile number.

What is a privacy system..?

According to the notification published by the central government, this app has been created through a public-private partnership to unite the people of the country in the fight against Corona. 

This app is designed to protect people from coronavirus infection. Bluetooth technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence are also being used to find out how much the person who will have this app in their phone has been in contact with others.

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