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Corona Vaccine Dry Run in India

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The government has also intensified the preparation of Coronavirus Vaccine amidst increasing cases of Coronavirus in the country. In this series, the central government is going to start the dry run of Corona vaccine in 4 states including Punjab, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat from today. This dry run will be done at five places in two districts of these four states. The purpose of this dry run is to take stock of all the preparations before the vaccine and if there is any deficiency, then improve it.

Giving information about the dry run of the Corona vaccine, an official of the state information and public relations department of Punjab said that the central government has selected Ludhiana and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar for the dry run of the corona vaccine. A dry run of the vaccine will be organized on December 28 and 29 at 5-5 places in these two districts. Please tell that the dry run of any vaccine is done so that before the vaccine is delivered to the people, it can be ascertained that everything is fine. If there is any deficiency then it can be fixed.

The co-Win mobile app will be monitored

Every activity of the corona vaccine can be monitored during the dry run through the Co-Win mobile app. The special feature of this app is that many aspects, information and important data related to the vaccine can be seen online. Co-Win is a digital platform that will allow real-time monitoring of Kovid-19 vaccine delivery. The Ministry of Health said that with this app, the vaccination process will act as a platform for administrative activities, immunization workers and those who are to be vaccinated.

The government will provide vaccines to selected people in the first two phases. In these, all frontline healthcare professionals in the first phase and those associated with emergency services in the second phase will get the vaccine.

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Allergy started after a doctor in Boston, US, applied the coronavirus vaccine. The doctor had prescribed Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine Thursday to avoid coronavirus. Dr Hussain Sadrzadeh is a cancer specialist at Boston Medical Center.

He said that immediately after getting the Corona vaccine, I started getting very allergic. I started feeling dizzy and my heart rate became very high. America’s Chief Scientist Advisor Doctor Moncef Slavoi has said that people are getting more allergic to Pfizer vaccine than other vaccines. They say that those who are allergic to it are being given Epipen medicines.

The doctor admitted to the emergency ward

After the Mordana vaccine was introduced in the US, doctors were the first to have problems. Boster Medical Center spokesman David Kibbe issued a statement on Friday, stating that Dr Sadrzadeh noticed an allergic reaction to his body after the Mordana vaccine was applied. He was admitted to the Emergency Department and examined. Dr Sadrzadeh was treated and discharged after being cured. They are feeling well now.

20 travellers to India have been found to be Corona positive. All of them have been quarantined and their samples have been sent for testing. The results of the test will give the answer whether the new virus of Britain has entered India or not. But caution has already been confirmed.

A ban has been imposed on all flights to and from the UK from Tuesday night. But before this many travellers have come to different parts of the country including Mumbai and Delhi. Now, these passengers are being monitored.

Maharashtra has seen the most dangerous phase of Corona. So, this time the Uddhav government is very strict. Not only Britain, travellers coming from many European countries and the Middle East are also being sent to the hotel first. Then their RT PCR test will be done after 5 to 7 days. However, the passengers will have to bear the cost of all this.

On the other hand, even in Ahmedabad, Corona’s peak has seen strong arrangements. When the plane landed from Britain, the investigation of passengers started. According to the new government rules, RT PCR test of all the passengers was done.

After the test, the passengers were stopped at the airport until the result came. If found positive, they will be sent to the hospital, while those who are sent home when negative will have to stay in Quarantine for 7 days.

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