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Corona will make millions of people poor in India: Report

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The UN report has revealed that the country’s troubles may increase further. The Narendra Modi government is doing everything possible to keep the country from the economic recession while battling the lockdown.

However, even after this attempt, Corona is sure to have a bad effect on the country’s economy. According to a UN report, about 100 million people will go below the poverty line because of Corona. The biggest reason for this has been said to be a complete halt of economic activity in the entire country.

UN researchers have recently analyzed the lockdown that has taken place on the coronavirus. On this basis, it is feared that more than 104 million people (more than 10 million) in India will go below the poverty line set by the World Bank.

Which simply means that they will be forced to live in extreme poverty. According to the UN, people who earn less than Rs 245 per day are kept below the poverty line.

About 60 per cent of the population in India i.e. 812 million people live below the poverty line. If this happens, the number of people living below the poverty line in India will cross the 90 crore mark. The reason for this research has been attributed to the situation arising out of the coronavirus.

The 60 per cent of Indians who are still living below the poverty line can reach 68 per cent. Let me tell you that this was the situation of India a decade ago, but after the efforts of the government, the number of people coming out of the poverty line has increased. The report also states that these few months (lockdown) of the government’s years of efforts to reduce poverty has given a deep drive.

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