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CoronaVirus: All New Unlock 1 implemented in India

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Lockdown 5.0 salons, restaurants and religious places allowed to open from June 1 to June 30 .Lockdown has been implemented once again in the country to deal with the Coronavirus. The government has released the guidelines for Lockdown 5.0. Outside the Containment Zone, the government has exempted it in a phased manner. According to the guidelines, the lockdown will open in three phases. The government has given permission to open religious places, hotels, salons, restaurants from June 8 under the first phase. However, the government has given permission to open with restrictions. Explain that the country is currently going through a lockdown to deal with the coronavirus. Lockdown 4.0 expires on May 31. In such a situation, the government has increased it further. Lockdown 5.0 will be from 1 June to 30 June. Under the second phase, the Center has left the decision on the states to open schools and colleges. States will take a decision on this in July.

A curfew will remain in force from 9 am to 5 am in the country. Till now it was from 7 to 7 in the evening. People will be able to go from one state to another. People will not even have to show near. At the same time, shopping malls have also been allowed to open.

What will open and what will be closed

  • – The new instructions will come into effect from June 1, 2020, and will be effective till June 30, 2020.
  • -After March 24, 2020, strict lockdown was implemented across the country. Only necessary activities were allowed. All other activities were banned.
  • -All the activities previously banned will now be opened in areas outside the Containment Zone in a phased manner.
  • – In the first phase, religious places, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls were allowed to open from 8 June 2020. The Ministry of Health will issue an SOP for this.
  • – In the second phase, schools and colleges will be opened after the permission of the states and union territories.

– A limited number of activities will be outlawed throughout the country. These activities are international flights, operation of metro rail, cinema hall, gym, swimming pool, theatre, bar and auditorium, assembly hall.

Lockdown 5.0 is applicable in the country, new guidelines will be issued from 1 to 30 June. Lockdown has been implemented once again in the country to deal with the Coronavirus.

The government has released the guidelines for Lockdown 5.0. Outside the Containment Zone, the government has exempted it in a phased manner. There will be complete exemption outside the Containment Zone. These guidelines will continue from June 1 to June 30.

Change from curfew

  1. According to the new guidelines, the night curfew will continue. There will be no curfew for the
  2. Essential things. Night curfew will be there from 9 am to 5 am in the night. Till now it was from 7 in the morning to 7 in
  3. The evening. The government will take a decision on the opening of school-colleges and educational institutions later.

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Permission to open a religious place

The temple-mosque-gurudwara-church will be opened. Many states were wanting that if the malls are also opened, then they will be opened in a phased manner. Schools and colleges can be opened from July. Restaurants will open from 8 June. In the first phase, temples, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls will be allowed to open from June 8, 2020.

Restriction on travel to other states ends

In the new guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been said that the ban on moving from one state to another has been done away with. At the same time, the state has also been allowed to go from one district to another. However, people have to follow social distancing during this period. According to the new rule, there will be no need to seek permission from anyone before going anywhere.

State governments have to decide

State governments have been given more power in Lockdown 5.0. Now the government of the states will decide how to start buses and metro services in the states. The new guideline states that the central government has lifted the ban, but the state government can impose restrictions on its level.

In Phase-1, religious places, shopping malls, restaurants will open from June 8, for this SOP will issue health ministry. Night curfew will continue till 30 June. A decision will be taken in July to open a school-college in Phase-2. The ban on social events will continue. After reviewing the situation in Phase-3, it will be decided to open international flights, metro, cinema, gym, swimming pool, bar, assembly hall.Interstate transport will not be banned, although the state can control this transport if desired, for this people will have to be told in advance.

Advice for people over 65 years, pregnant women, people already suffering from diseases, children younger than 10 years to stay at home.Exit only for essential work and health facilities. It will be necessary to apply masks and follow social distancing as before. The crowd will be forbidden, more than 50 people will be able to gather for weddings.

Do not gather more than 20 people for the funeral. The ban on spitting in public places will continue. Consumption of paan, gutkha and alcohol will be banned in public places. As far as possible, people should work from home, promoting work from home. There should be a complete arrangement of screening and hygiene at workplaces, sanitization should be done.

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