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Coronavirus Cases Surge to 250 plus In India

Coronavirus causes in India increased to 258 on Saturday after 35 people examined positive for the global pandemic in many parts of the nation, the Health Ministry said. Friday had seen the biggest single-day rise with 63 new cases.

Among the 258 cases are 39 foreign nationals, including 17 from Italy, three from the Philippines, two from the UK, one each belonging to Canada, Indonesia and Singapore..?

Twenty-three people have rescued from the disease so far in India. Four people have been reported from Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra.The total number of active COVID-19 cases across India stands at 231 so far,” the ministry said, adding that 23 others have been cured discharged or migrated while four have died.

Maharashtra has reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases at 52, including three foreigners, followed by Kerala at 40, including seven foreign nationals.Delhi has reported 26 positive cases, which include one foreigner, while Uttar Pradesh has recorded 24 cases, including one foreigner.

Karnataka has 15 coronavirus victims. The number of cases in Ladakh rose to 13 and Jammu and Kashmir four.

Special arrangements have been made in the ancient Hanuman temple of Connaught Place, Delhi, regarding the Rakkorona virus for making offerings at the Hanuman temple of Connaught Place. A sanitizer has been arranged at the entry and there has been a ban on making offerings.Kalkaji Temple closed till 31 March, given the threat of Coronation, Kalkaji Temple in Delhi was closed till 31 March.

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