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Coronavirus has reached 33 countries in the world.

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According to the WHO, the coronavirus cannot yet be called a pandemic. But at the same time, the World Health Organisation has also said that do not underestimate its seriousness at all. It has now expanded to 34 countries, and the risk of its spread is greater than before. Earlier those coming from China were being monitored, but now these 34 countries will have to be monitored. People of India are coming and working in almost every country in the world today. Therefore, danger can be understood. But the big question is what we should do in such a situation.

According to the World Health Organisation WHO, now the growth rate of the corona has decreased, but this is not the time to feel relief because according to WHO there has been no change in the DNA of the virus and it has not become weak in itself. Its spread from above has now spread to 34 countries including China.As of February 25, there have been 2666 deaths in China and more than 77 thousand confirmed cases reported. Apart from China, 34 deaths have occurred in 33 countries and more than 24 hundred confirmed cases have been found. As far as India is concerned, there have been no case reports apart from the 3 patients who were initially found here.

But the danger has increased instead of decreasing. Because now Corona patients are being found in 33 such countries, including Korea, Italy, Iran, America and Japan, from where people from all over the world are coming. In such a situation there is an increased risk of the infection reaching from one country to another and then spreading from one person to another.

Besides this…

  1. Indian Air Force C17 Globe-master arrived in Wuhan on Wednesday carrying 15 tonnes of medical aid to help China with the epidemic. The flight, on its arrival, has ferried 76 Indians and 36 nationals from Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Maldives, the US, South Africa and Madagascar.
  2. Meanwhile, an Air India flight from Tokyo landed in Delhi in the wee hours of Thursday, bringing 119 Indian citizens and five souls from Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru.
  3. The evacuated people had been hospitalised aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan due to the outbreak of coronavirus onboard the cruise. Both the developments were tweeted by Union Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar.

The death toll from the virus in mainland China reached 2,744, with 29 deaths being reported on Thursday. This tally is the lowest number of daily deaths reported from China, where the virus broke out, since January, providing some relief to the Chinese authorities. In the US, public health officials in the US warned the citizens to be prepared for more cases of the virus.

How it is grown? 

  • The virus usually causes light to moderate disorders of the upper respiratory region, like the common cold. Most souls get infected
  • With certain diseases at some point in their existences. It causes signs like the overall feeling of being sick, fever, sore throat, headache, cough and
  • Runny nose. Human coronavirus can sometimes make lower-respiratory tract disorders like disease or bronchitis, according to the Centres for
  • Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This occurs more generally in people with cardiopulmonary disorders, people with a weak free system
  • Children and older women.

How to obstruct the Coronavirus

According to media reports

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Avoid close contact with infected people.

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