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Coronavirus Quarantine set up Near Delhi

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As per the media reports…

Indian citizens to be depleted from China’s Wuhan today will be separated in a particularly developed building in Manesar near Delhi, the Indian Army has announced.

What will be the departments there? 

  • The facility will house about 300 students who will be examined for signs of virus for two weeks by a team of doctors and medical staff.
  • Upon their arrival in India, the learners will be chosen at the airport by a joint team of Airport Health Authority (AHO) and Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS). Individuals suspected of the virus will be moved to a private ward at Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment (BHDC).

During the screening, students will be divided into three assemblies.


The first group will consist of “presumed situations” – individuals with signs of fever/cough and/or respiratory distress. These will be transferred directly to the BHDC.


The second group will consist of people who do not show signs but have visited seafood or animal demands (the virus is presumed to have broken out at a seafood market in Wuhan) or have had contact with a Chinese person showing signs in the last 14 days. Such individuals will be conducted, in an assigned carrier, directly to the equipment.


  • The third group will be connected to as “non-contact situations”. These are individuals who do not present any signs or have not had communication with a possibly affected Chinese person in the past fortnight.
  • This group will also include those who do not fit into either of the first two categories. The third group will also be sent to the quarantine facility.

The facility itself consists of dormitory-style beds in barracks, central areas and a medical department. To prevent an explosion of the coronavirus, it has been further classified into sectors with each holding only 50 students.Each barrack has been further subdivided into sub-barracks and students and people in one each sector will not be allowed to join.

An Air India passenger aircraft will travel to Wuhan today to bring back ashore Indians from the city. The Boeing 747 is programmed to pick up 325 Indians from Wuhan that is the epicentre of the outbreak. The plane will start from Mumbai and make a short stop in Delhi.

The Air India flight will have at least two doctors and the team have been directed to allow only non-infected people into the aircraft. The team will not deboard from the plane once they reach Wuhan and will maintain the least contact with the travellers to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Food packets and water will be kept on each seat, as mentioned in a story in NDTV.

How it is grown? 

  • The virus usually causes light to moderate disorders of the upper respiratory region, like the common cold. Most souls get infected
  • With certain diseases at some point in their existences. It causes signs like the overall feeling of being sick, fever, sore throat, headache, cough and
  • Runny nose. Human coronavirus can sometimes make lower-respiratory tract disorders like disease or bronchitis, according to the Centres for
  • Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This occurs more generally in people with cardiopulmonary disorders, people with a weak free system
  • Children and older women.

How to obstruct the Coronavirus

According to media reports

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Avoid close contact with infected people.

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