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Corral on Delhi Edge

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Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is constantly trying to show solidarity towards the farmers who are protesting against the agricultural laws. In this regard, it is also constantly targeting the Narendra Modi government at the centre. Priyanka has now tried to surround the Prime Minister by sharing a video of the barricading of security forces.

The deployment of security forces is visible on the Ghazipur border in the video of 22 seconds Priyanka Gandhi shared on Twitter. After barricading several layers, barbed wire has also been installed in it. After this, security forces have also been deployed in many layers. Priyanka wrote in the caption accompanying the video, “Prime Minister, war with your farmers?”


To maintain law and order at the national capital’s Singh, Ghazipur and Tikari borders, the government has banned internet services. In protest against this, farmers have now decided to organize a nationwide Chakka Jam movement. The farmers decided after meeting in this regard on Monday that on February 6, all the national highways and state highways of the country will be jammed for 3 hours. Farmers are going to do this chakka jam movement against the huge security arrangements to ban internet at various borders in Delhi and prevent farmers from entering the capital.

It is worth mentioning that on 31 January itself, the Union Home Ministry had extended the period of ban on Internet services in the areas around Singh, Ghazipur and Tikri Border. It was said in the order of the Ministry that the ban on internet services will continue in these areas till 11 pm on February 2. According to a report published in the English newspaper Hindustan Times, on Monday, Twitter India had banned the Twitter handle of 250 well-known celebrities on the farmer’s movement, after which the farmer’s organisations decided to block the wheel on 6 February.

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1. What Kind of Torment is This?

Another part of the highway on the Delhi-Haryana border has been blocked and a temporary cement wall has been erected there. Several level barricades have been installed at Ghazipur on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border to prevent movement of vehicles. Barbed wire has also been installed to prevent people from walking.

2. Two-Foot Thick Wall

The police have built two-foot thick concrete walls in the border areas. Their height is three to three feet. These walls are made so thick and strong that they are not broken by the tractor bump. Because on January 26, the police had installed barricades of concrete in many places, which were killed by the farmers by the tractor. Therefore a concrete wall has been built.

3. Get Barbed Wire

Barbed wire along the border of the metro line has also been installed. These wires have been installed so that even if the farmer wants to travel to Delhi, he is not able to go.

4. Sword-Like Poles and Armlets

Shahdara District Police of Delhi has also been given a special type of steel poles and armlets which look like a sword so that the policemen can prevent the frontal attack with the help of these sticks. Delhi Police has also used barbed wire and nails in these sticks.

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