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Crow biryani is in actual

As per the media reports…

According to the news, the food administration charged the vehicle selling chicken biryani on the roadside. The chicken that was being sold cheap on the cart was the meat of the birds.

On seeing this, the administrators also got agitated. Enthusiasts who came to the church of Rameshwaram used to come to empty paddy. When he noticed that the crows were bleeding from there and going early, he said the temple executives.

After an examination by the policemen, it was discovered that some forms give infected rice to the crows and kill them. They found that poachers had given bad rice to the birds, who later obtained ignorant crows, and sold them to meat merchants. The police started studying road vehicles. They attacked those marketing cheap biryani along the road. Where they got hen meat from birds.

These stalls mix crows meat with chicken meat and markets it to roadside eaters. Upon further inquiry, police detained two men for supposedly poisoning birds and selling meat at chicken stalls. They have reached 150 still crows from the involved.

The arrested, who failed crow’s meat, told the policemen, “We used to shoot crows and sell them to poor managers. Storekeepers used to sell the meat of crows as chicken lollipops and chicken biryani. Merchants were earning a lot of money from this.

Why is crow biryani popular?

You will remember a popular view from the 2004 film ‘Run’. Where actor Vijay Raj, performing the role of ‘Ganesh’, ate ‘5 rupees biryani’, which was ‘crow biryani’. That view is still very much like now. It was because of this scene that actor Vijay Raj got fame in Bollywood. Now again crow biryani is being noticed. In Rameshwar in Tamil Nadu, a crow was found selling biryani in the name of a chicken. The police have arrested him.

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