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Customers of YES Bank can withdraw money from any ATM.

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There is a piece of relief news for Yes Bank customers. Now they will be able to withdraw money from any ATM. The bank has tweeted that customers will now be able to withdraw money from any bank’s ATM. The bank has thanked the patience of the customers and said that now the customers of Yes Bank’s ATM card can withdraw money using the ATMs of the banks.Explain that the bank had withdrawn this facility. The bank is reeling under economic crisis and RBI is trying its best to save it.

The central bank had on Thursday stopped withdrawals over Rs 50,000 at Yes Bank. Customers can withdraw only up to Rs 50,000 a month from their account. This exemption was granted for spending in an emergency. This move by the central bank led to customers anticipating a crisis like PMC. They were reaching ATMs from one to the other so that they could withdraw money, but few people got success amid long queues.The RBI had imposed a month-long moratorium on Yes Bank. That is, between March 5 to April 5, customers can withdraw only Rs 50,000 from Yes Bank accounts.

Meanwhile, the country’s largest state-owned bank SBI said that it plans to save Yes Bank. SBI can buy 49% shares of the bank. With this, there is a plan to invest 2450 crores. SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar said that the account holders’ money is safe, although employees should forget the increments this year. The bank has also started work on this plan.

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