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Delhi! CM Arvind Kejriwal has good news for you

By India Business Story 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that Delhi will get open public Wi-Fi in the coming days. He has declared that 11,000 Wi-Fi hotspots would be set up crosswise bus stops and markets. Around 4,000 hotspots would be fixed up at bus stops and 7,000 hotspots would be put up at markets.

He also stated that the first 100 hotspots would be introduced on December 16. CM Kejriwal said that every week 500 hotspots would be fixed up and the project would be finished within 6 months.

CM Kejriwal decided that the project would cost Rs 100 crore.


  • Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has stated that electricity will be free for up to 200 units. He added that power consumed between 201 and 400 units will be half its price. The Delhi government will provide 50 per cent subsidy, he added.
  • Calling it a historic decision, Kejriwal said that the move will help the aam aadmi (common man). “Today the cheapest electricity in the country is in Delhi,” the Chief Minister had said.Under the Free Lifeline Electricity system people using 200 units of electricity, each month will get no charge.
  • Nobody says anything if the VIPs and big politicians get free power. Why deny the common man? Am I wrong in taking this step,” Mr Kejriwal asked.
  • He also stated that the move will cover at least 33 per cent consumers in the capital. He also said that during the winter months, the power consumption of around 70 per cent people is below 200 units.

Primary results of the Wifi Hotspot scheme.

  • The Chief Minister had announced this scheme in August this year. Kejriwal had, in his more initial statement, said, “11,000 hotspots will be placed across Delhi.
  • The work to give free Wi-Fi has begun in a way. Every user will be provided 15 GB data free, every month. This is the first stage.”

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