Discord in Rajasthan

The doctors working in Rajasthan are on the roads protesting for more than a week now against the Right to Health Bill passed by the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government in the assembly on March 21. The medical fraternity protesting against the Right to Health Bill, which they claim is a ‘Black Bill’ framed against the healthcare workers in the state, said they will continue the agitation till the government withdraws the Bill.

What is the Right to Health Bill

The Right to Health Bill passed in the Rajasthan Assembly gives every resident of the state the right to emergency treatment and care “without prepayment” at any public health institution, or health care establishment.


  • Edtech unicorn Unacademy has seen another round of layoffs, this time firing 12% of its workforce, as it searches for profitability.
  • In a Slack message sent to the team, Unacademy CEO and cofounder Gaurav Munjal said, “We have taken every step in the right direction to make our core business profitable, yet it’s not enough. We have to go further, we have to go deeper.”

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