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DJs To Hit Locusts In Delhi

Given the threat of locusts in Delhi, Development Minister Gopal Rai of Delhi Government has called an emergency meeting. Development Secretary, Divisional Commissioner, Director Agriculture, DM South Delhi, DM West Delhi are present in the meeting. The government will issue advisory after the meeting.

According to the information, a large group of locusts is slowly moving towards Palwal, but a small contingent has moved towards Jasola and Bhati (areas of Delhi’s border). There is complete area of forest department. Given this, instructions have been given to play drums, drums and DJs in those areas. These are the ways that grasshoppers run. Also, instructions have been given to spray the chemical there.

Apart from this, DMs of South, West and South West districts of Delhi have been asked to be on high alert and they have been instructed to start preparations. The government will also issue advisory in this matter. Also, the winds are more towards South Delhi. If the wind changes, locusts may come towards Delhi, so every aspect is being monitored.

Appointed the Development Commissioner who will be in touch with the Central Government officials? So that if there is any movement in Haryana, Delhi should also be alerted.

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