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Doordarshan becomes India’s most watched channel: BARC

Audience research agency BARC said on Thursday that Doordarshan became India’s most watched channel during the end of April 3 with the return of memorable programs like the Ramayana. During the lockdown implemented across the country to prevent the corona virus epidemic, Doordarshan is re-airing its memorable programs so that people stay indoors. The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) said that the viewership of Doordarshan in the morning and evening segments increased by nearly 40,000 percent. During this period, viewership of private broadcasters.

The Research Council (BARC) said that the viewership of Doordarshan in the morning and evening segment increased by nearly 40,000 percent. During this period, the number of private broadcasters also increased. Doordarshan started with the Hindu anecdote Ramayana and then replayed the highly popular serials of his time like Mahabharata, Shaktimaan and Buniyaad during a 21-day lockdown.

Most of these serials were produced at a time when television broadcasting had a monopoly. According to BARC, the Ramayana and Mahabharata have contributed mainly to the huge surge in Doordarshan’s viewership. Apart from this, other programs helped improve the position of Doordarshan in select slots. This time segment had the least audience since 2015 during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to turn off the house lights at 9 pm on Sunday night. Similarly, Modi’s appeal to turn off the light was seen by fewer people than the lockdown announcement.

According to the count, their viewership was 11.9 crores and 19.7 crores respectively. In the south, Sun TV also started Dharavik based on mythological / ancient stories and was successful. During this period, other paid-based general entertainment channels, which replayed old memorable serials, also saw a surge in their viewership.

BARC reported that during the week under review, total TV viewership grew by four percent compared to the previous week and 43 percent compared to the period before the Korana virus. During this period, the viewership of movies and news-based channels grew the most and movies-based channels outpaced the general entertainment channels. Interestingly, even after no new sporting event, the viewership of sports channels grew by 21 percent.

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