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Driving License: Laws turned in Delhi-NCR

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A piece of big news has emerged for the drivers. People living in Delhi-NCR will have to wait for learning and permanent driving license. This wait may have to wait for 3 to 4 months, not a few days.

  • If you live in Delhi, you may have to wait until January next year for a learning license.
  • Even if you apply online, you will get a date after three to four months.
  • The same situation also exists for Ghaziabad and Noida transport offices.

No date for driving license until December

  1. Most RTOs do not have a date until December. The date is full till December.
  2. If you want to get a learning license in Delhi, you will get a date after January or January. 
  3. The dates for the driving test are also available after three to four months. Waiting time for the driving test in Delhi is more than three months.

This is the condition of Delhi Authority

This problem is not only in the Rohini RTO office, but almost all the authorities in Delhi are getting dates like this. An official of the Mayur Vihar Authority says, in the past, many people had become corona. Authority is short of staff and work pressure is high. Despite this, we are making more than 100 learning licenses every day.


Due to the Corona trial, the market for luxury or expensive cars has gone back five to seven years. A top official of the German automobile sector company Audi said this. According to PTI, Balbir Singh Dhillon, head of Audi India, said that the luxury car market will take two to three years to reach the level of 2014-15 again. He said that after the problems caused by the Corona crisis, the situation is improving now. However, our sales will see an increase in the lower base effect only next year.

Dhillon said that we are all saying that sales are increasing and the perception is positive, we will also register growth next year. The base effect has gone down significantly. He said that in 2014-15, the number of cars we sold, we will not reach that level immediately next year. In such a situation, the epidemic has left us 5 to 7 years behind.

In 2014, luxury car sales in India were 30,000 units. In 2015 it was 31,000 units. Asked how long the status of the luxury car industry will improve, Dhillon said that it definitely will not happen next year, it will take two to three years to reach that level.

The top five companies in India’s luxury car market include Mercedes, BMW, Audi, JLR and Volvo. Sales of these companies stood at 35,500 units in 2019. Sales of these companies stood at 40,340 units in 2018.

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