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Due To Mobile Phones Is television Losing its Market?

Television or TV sets are losing really losing its market in India? We know that Technology is one of the great inventions is mobile. Every day or we can say that every second there is something new scientist is working on how to make the get the mobile new technology. Are Mobiles destroying our life or harming our lives. Especially in India mobiles come in the early 1990s or we can say that mid-1980s. But TV sets are only medium to watch the entertainment or we can say that to pass time people usually switch on their television in their free time to listen to the news and watch movies. In India, television is not seen in everybody’s home especially in the 1960s to 1994 at that time if anybody is having a television in their home than you are the king of that area or society. People get together and watch Cricket matches and movies and serials. Television at that time was not much popular in India, In the early 2000s  start getting a huge base in the Indian Market. People start purchasing television frequently. Now coming to the point Due To Mobile Phones Is television Losing its Market?This questions because this year the sales of the TV has gone down to 20% last year the sales of TVs were growing at 20% but why it’s happening is due to mobile phones as per the technology experts The entertainment appetite is getting fulfilled through a mobile device.Experts are saying that Mobiles are can make a heavy impact on the Television Industry in the upcoming future. Normal TV Range starts from Rs14000 but the smartphone is starting from Rs 8000. Mobile can easily buy you can take mobile anywhere you want its easy machine to carry but television is not.

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