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E-Waste Becoming Major Problem For India

India is emerging as one of the Worlds major electronic waste generators posing concerns to the public health and environment. India is the Worlds second-largest market for mobile phones and Country is also worlds 5 the producer for the E-waste in the world. Discovering around 18.5 metric ton of Electric waste each year. As per the Associate Chamber of Industry said that India’s production of E-waste is likely to increase by 3 times from 18.5 metric tones to 50 lakh metric tonnes per annum by 2020.

Country’s only 1.5 tonnes of E-waste gets recycled this happens due to poor management of legislature and government which cause heavy damages to the environment and the people who are working in these industries. Besides this 95% of the E-Waste is managed by the unorganised sector and scrap dealers in the market. In India, about 4 to 5 lacs child labours and age group of 10 to 15 years are engaged in E-waste industries these children worked without having any safeguards and not having any protection.

Ministry of Women and Child advocated that to ban the entries of children in the collections of Electronic waste and distribution. The workers who are working in E-waste industries suffered from breathing problems like asthma and bronchitis and 2/3 of workers who are working there suffered from problems like breathing difficulties like coughing choking nad led in their eyes.

Computers and Mobile phones are the major parts which developed health problems for the workers because they have a high quantity of led like mercury, cadmium. Most Probably E-Waste has 40% led and 70% of heavy metals which are formed in landfills. These pollutants make the environment more dangerous to live and harm groundwater and air pollution, soil acidification.

The Ministry of Forest and Climate Change has notified Ewaste management rules 2016 in which producers for the first time cover under extended producer responsibility. Rules are described as various financial penalties non-compliance but in India, around 95% of unorganised is responsible for generating e-waste. Due to a huge user base and vast reach of telecom in India. It’s practically difficult and expensive for the manufactures to achieve the targets which are mentioned in the rules. But the Government and the manufactures have to recognise the informal sector and mechanisms to build the formal and have the proper waste management. ‘Otherwise Monster Of E-Waste will become the biggest threat to the human’s life in India’.

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