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Economic Survey 2021: 17 Crore Fields to be Viable in 10 Years

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In the Economic Survey presented before the budget on Friday in Parliament, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave the picture of export-based industries. The survey has projected 1735 crore jobs in the country in the next ten years by exporting network products such as computers, electronics, and electric appliances and telecommunications equipment. The Economic Survey has given a strategy to make India a hub of network products (NP) to increase exports rapidly. According to the survey, NP generated 3.01 crore jobs by 2020 and generated a GDP of $ 168 billion. 

At the same time, salaries in the year 2020 are $ 24.3 billion. It will be 174.5 billion dollars by 2030. The survey suggested that if India increases NP share in the world by 3.6 per cent by 2025, 3.85 crore additional jobs can be created. According to the survey, by the year 2025, 9.73 crore jobs and 586 billion dollars are expected to be produced, while by 2030 the number of jobs will be 17.35 million and production will reach 1134 billion dollars. 

IMF supports agricultural laws

Recently, the International Monetary Fund had said that the three recent laws are an important step towards furthering agricultural reforms in India. However, the IMF also added that during the process of adopting the new system, the management of social security is necessary to protect those who suffer adverse effects. Gerry Rice, an IMF communications director (spokesperson), said, “We believe these three laws have the potential to represent the advancement of agricultural reforms in India.”

Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian said – Many benefits to farmers from new agricultural laws.

On Friday, on the first day of the budget session, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Economic Survey 2021 in front of the country. At the beginning of the budget session, President Ram Nath Kovind praised the functioning of the Modi government in his address. The Economic Survey of this time which is presented before the budget is special in many respects. The economy suffered a major setback due to the Coronavirus epidemic. In the survey, there are many such information and statistics related to the economy, which many people are eyeing. Let’s know 10 big things related to this.

Cover page of Economic Survey- The cover page of Economic Survey is also very special. There is a map of the country among four people in it. Two scales are also shown on the cover page. One of the scales is shown as risk i.e. disaster, while the other scales are shown as an opportunity. The scale of opportunity is heavy on this scale. With this, the government has indicated that in disaster also the opportunity has been well realized. It has been shown on the cover page that the reforms, infrastructure, self-reliant India and vaccine have completely recovered the economy, health and life in the disaster.

People got employment through start-ups – By 23 December 2020, the Government of India has recognized 41,061 start-ups. More than 39,000 startups across the country have employed 4, 70,000 people. By 1 December 2020, SIDBI has committed to providing Rs 4,326.95 crore to 60 Alternative Investment Funds (AFIs) registered with SEBI. It should be released through the Fund of Funds for Startups, which has a total fund of Rs 10,000 crore.

India included in the list of the top 50 innovative countries in the world- For the first time in the economic survey, the picture of the improvement due to private companies has been kept in space. According to the survey, the central government made a lot of reforms for the space sector. Especially by giving entry to private agencies in this sector, India has joined the list of top 50 innovative countries in the world. The Economic Survey has said that due to the decision of private companies to enter the space sector, an eco-system has been created in the country regarding space technology.

Private trains will run in the next two years- It has been told in the survey that private trains in the country will start running from the year 2023-24. The bidding process for this is likely to be completed in May 2021 this year. The survey also expressed the hope of an early resumption of the country’s air services. Accordingly, at the beginning of 2021, the level of air services will reach the same as before the Kovid-19 epidemic.

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