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Economic Survey has an astonishing aspect concerning the creation of the job

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The rising level of lay-off is one of the major attention of the Indian market. 

What India can do prevent the retardation? 

  • Economic Survey 2019-20 says that India should follow the China-like growth pattern to produce unique job openings for juvenility.

But the question comes how and why 

  1. The Survey says, “The current situation for global trade presents India a unique chance to chart a China-like, labour-intensive, export trajectory and thereby create exceptional job openings for our burgeoning juvenility.”
  2. India can create 4 crores well-paid employment by 2025 and 8 crores by 2030 by combining “Assemble in India for the business” into Make in India, the survey stated.
  3. Economic Survey 2019-20 suggests that India should use a China-like approach to create job openings by allowing assembling performances at enormous scale in network products and increasing export principally to markets in rich nations.

Why we should understand China Pattern 

China’s extraordinary export performance vis-a-vis India is made originally by voluntary specialisation at large scale in labour-intensive activities, especially “network products”, where production occurs over Global Value Chains (GVCs) produced by multi-national corporations, it continued.

The survey highlighted that there has been a “notable jump of around 2.62 crore new jobs with 1.21 crore in rural regions and 1.39 crore in urban areas in this category”. “Total formal work in the economy expanded from 8 per cent in 2011-12 to 9.98 per cent in 2017-18,” the Survey stated.

And the other main reason is the male denominate society in India…

According to the Economic Survey, gender inequality in India’s labour market has increased due to the drop in female labour force support, especially in rural areas. It showed that around 60 per cent of productive age (15-59) group engaged in full-time domestic duties.The survey said that shipping of network products, which is supposed to equal $7 trillion worldwide in 2025, can provide a quarter of the rise in value-added for the $5 trillion economies by 2025.

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