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Embargo on Green Card and Work Visa Elongated

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In the last days of his term, President Donald Trump has given a shock to Indian workers living in America. Trump has already extended restrictions on green cards and work visas to 31 March. On Thursday, President Trump signed an order related to it.

President Trump said in his order that Corona’s impact on the United States labour market and the health of the American public is going on at a wider scale. The Trump order also cites the unemployment rate, epidemic restrictions on state-issued businesses and the rise of Coronavirus infection since the mid-year of last year.

Trump has stated that this proclamation will end on March 31, 2021, and maybe continued as needed. This means that the scope of the end of the ban on green cards and visa visas will depend on the corona infection.

Let us remember that the newly selected President of America, Joe Biden, is going to take charge on January 20. After this, he has announced to change many decisions of Trump, although his reaction to this decision will not be clear.

However, Biden has probed these restrictions. But how much they will change the decision of Trump in response to this is not clear.

Explain that in April, Trump had announced a ban on green cardholders. In June, Trump also banned H-1B visas. This ban has had an impact on Indians working in the field of information technology in America.

After the results of the presidential election in America, the dispute that has been going on for the last one and a quarter month has finally ended. The Electoral College, which elected the President of the US, has finally elected Joe Biden as the new President of the country and Kamala Harris of Indian origin as the Vice President. Simultaneously, the legal war started by the outgoing President Donald Trump against these results is over and the path of peaceful power transfer in America has been cleared. For the last few days, there were reports of violence in many cities including Washington.

The outgoing President Donald Trump accused the President of massive rigging in the elections. The supporters of Trump had approached the court at many places in the country.


  • India will be in a new role in the United Nations from today. India has since today become a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council. India has got this important responsibility for the eighth time.
  • India has been elected to this post for two years. During this time, India will influence the global power balance from its perspective in important strategic and strategic matters of the world.

Today, apart from India, 4 more countries have become members of UNSC. These countries are Norway, Mexico, Ireland and Kenya. On this occasion, India Today spoke to TS Tirumurthy, Ambassador of India to the United Nations.

TS Tirumurthy said that during his tenure, India will insist on fighting terrorism across the world and expose the conspiracies of the forces that have sheltered terrorism to the world.

Apart from this, India’s focus will be on peace restoration efforts in Afghanistan. Ambassador TS Tirumurthy said that Prime Minister Modi can address the UN Security Council. India is scheduled to be chaired by UNSC in the month of August. TS Tirumurthy said that India has done commendable work during the corona epidemic infection and has provided help too many countries of the world.

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