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Eternal Calling in 19 Rupees

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You will be surprised to know, in the recharge list, companies also offer a cheaper plan like Rs 19, which customers can recharge according to their convenience. So today we are telling you about the very cheap plan of Airtel that offers the same benefits as a free calling, and the price is very low…

  • If we talk about the Rs 19 plan that Airtel offers to its customers, then many benefits are given in it. Let’s know which benefit Airtel’s 19-rupee budget plan comes with.
  • Airtel’s 19-rupee scheme
  • Airtel has placed this plan in the ‘Truly Unlimited’ category, which means that it gets unlimited calling. Talking about the speciality of this plan, it is its free call, because, at such a low price, a benefit like Unlimited Call is quite beneficial.


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has launched Mi 33W SonicCharge 2.0 in India. It is a fast charger. It is worth noting that earlier the company launched a 27W charger in India.

  1. Along with the Redmi K20, the company introduced a 27W fast charger. The new charger will charge smartphones faster than the previous.
  2. The price of Mi 33W SonicCharge 2.0 has been kept at Rs 999. As we said, its output is 33W. This charger supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.
  3. A 100cm Type C cable is provided with this charging brick. According to the company, it is BIS certified and has 380V search protection. It can be purchased from Xiaomi’s official website.

According to the company, this charger has been made in India and it has been given automatic temperature control to avoid overheating. Other phones including Xiaomi can also be charged with this charger.

Other than this.

During this stream fest of Netflix, anyone in India can watch premium content of Netflix. They will not have to pay for this. However, for this, you have to sign-up through your email ID or number.

  1. According to Netflix, for two days all users will have access to all the features of Netflix that are currently given to premium users. No debit or credit card details will also have to be entered to sign up.
  2. Under Netflix StreamFest, you can visit to watch free Netflix. You can also download the Android app, you can sign up if you do not have an account or already have an account.
  3. From today you can set a note by going to so that you can watch free Netflix as soon as it is life.

The company has said that those who sign in during the stream fest will only be able to see the content of standard definition.

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