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Fear Of Massive Jobs In The Auto Sector: FADA

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The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA), an association of vehicle dealers, has feared that due to the coronavirus epidemic, jobs at the level of dealers may go up on a large scale. Fada believes that those working at the dealership level may have to lose their jobs in large numbers.

The correct picture will be clear by the end of June

This situation is going to get worse than last year when about two lakh people had to lose their jobs due to prolonged slowness in the vehicle market. However, Fada said that the correct picture would emerge by the end of this month.

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At that time, the association will survey to find out what its dealer members are planning for their outlets and shortage of manpower.The automobile industry of the country was going through a crisis since last year. After this, the coronavirus has made the situation even more worrying. Now Fada says that there is a threat to jobs on a large scale in this sector.

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