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Fireworks Taboo For 24 Days?

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The National Green Authority (NGT) has secured its decision to ban firecrackers from November 7 to November 30. The court said that whichever states want to file their report in this matter, they can do it till 4:00 pm tomorrow. The Delhi government has also sought time from the NGT till tomorrow so that the decisions taken in today’s meeting regarding pollution can be given to the NGT.

Amicus told the court that even though the Supreme Court has approved the running of green firecrackers, they also cause pollution. In this case, the whole situation needs to be seen once again. Now is the time for Kovid and the way pollution has reached dangerous levels, in such a situation, if the firecrackers are not banned, then the problems of Kovid can increase further. At present, we have no choice but to ban firecrackers.

Amicus said that the level of pollution present in the air and the hazardous particles in the air is dangerous and dangerous not only for Kovid patients but also for respiratory patients and BP patients. The problems of such patients will increase further as air pollution increases.

  • During the hearing, keeping some research of doctors in front of the court also said that breathing increases after increasing air pollution and PM 2.5 increases the risk of heart attacks going to lungs and blood.
  • It was also kept that the Supreme Court had allowed green firecrackers to be banned in 2018 by banning firecrackers, but despite the introduction of green firecrackers in Diwali 2019, pollution levels in the increased cities of the country did not decrease.
  • Fireworks have been banned in Odisha and Rajasthan. In view of the situation of air pollution, there has been a demand in many states to ban firecrackers. Due to this, the governments of Odisha and Rajasthan have already issued a notification to ban the purchase and sale of firecrackers.
  • Not only has this, except for the green firecrackers, the Delhi government imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on common firecrackers. The central government has also spoken about big fines and punishment for spreading air pollution.


  1. Delhi has reached a dangerous stage in the matter of air pollution. Talking about Air Quality Index (AQI), this figure has crossed the 500 level in the country’s capital. 
  2. According to Safar app, AQI in Delhi is at the level of 508. This is a Sevier stage figure. Health experts consider it the most dangerous for the eyes, heart and lungs. 
  3. This figure is after 9 o’clock in the morning. AQI had reached 496 in Najafgarh, Delhi at 9 am on Thursday.
  4. The AQI level reached a very dangerous level in Delhi. In all the places of the country’s capital where air pollution is measured, AQIs have reached a very serious situation. 
  5. Visibility has improved on Thursday compared to Wednesday, but the level of pollution has increased a lot.

Najafgarh’s worst situation in Delhi. Here AQI is at the maximum level of 496. Experts have also expressed concern about this level. They say that the air at this level will cause diseases in the eyes and will also damage the heart and lungs, the most important parts of the body.

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