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Flawed Umpiring in IPL

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On Sunday, the issue of poor umpiring between Delhi Capitals and Kings Enlvan Punjab (Delhi Capitals Vs kings Xi Punjab) is now gaining momentum. While raising questions on this issue, he has said to the BCCI that what is the work of such technology which cannot stop the wrong decision.

He has also appealed to the BCCI to bring new rules. Let us know that the second match of IPL It was a tie on Sunday. After this, Delhi got a victory in the super over. But before that the umpire refused to give the Punjab team a run in the 19th over, saying that it was a short run.

Preity Zinta’s wrath

Priti Zinta, venting her anger on social media, wrote, ‘I came to UAI with full enthusiasm to watch the match between Corona epidemics. Smiling stayed in quarantine for 6 days and got the Kovid test done 5 times. But this one run has shocked me. What is the use of technology that cannot be used? This cannot happen every year. BCCI brought new rules to stop it.

What Sehwag said before this, former Punjab team coach Virender Sehwag also criticized the poor umpiring? Taunting the umpire’s decision, he said, ‘I am not happy with the decision of the man of the match. The real title of the man of the match is the umpire. It was not a short run. The Punjab team lost by this margin. Apart from this, Sanjay Manjrekar and Akash Chopra have also criticized this decision.

  1. This incident is from the 19th over. By playing Kagiso Rabada towards mid-on, Manayak Agrawal completed two runs.
  2. Chris Jordan was batting from the other end. But umpire Nitin Menon called it a short run. He spoke to the second umpire and said that Jordan did not keep the bat inside the crease while completing his first run.
  3. In such a situation, Punjab was given only 1 run here. It can be seen in Tiwi’s slow-motion replays that Jordan did not have this short run. He kept the bat properly. So the match was tied due to lack of one run.

Watching the TV replays shows that umpire Nitin Menon’s decision was wrong, Jordan had run and crossed the crease. Since then, the discussion started on social media about the umpire’s decision. Virender Sehwag, who was the explosive batsman of Team India, tweeted, I do not agree with the election of a man of the match. The umpire who gave the short run should get the man of the match. There was no short run. And in the end, it made a difference

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