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Flipkart Falkon Aerbook Laptop

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On the trades of the CES 2020, Indian e-commerce titan Flipkart has declared that it will be adding laptops too, below its ‘MarQ by Flipkart’ name. Its first laptop is called the Falkon Aerbook, which is devised to be light and information and is powered by Intel’s 8th generation CPUs. The laptop will be completely accessible through Flipkart for a starting price of Rs. 39,990, from January 17.

The functions of the laptop 

  • The full-HD IPS display and is powered by Intel’s 8th generation Core-i5 CPU. It also has 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Flipkart also states that the laptop has a devoted SSD slot for expanding the storage (up to 1TB). The trackpad also supports multi-touch gestures.
  • The Falkon Aerbook also has a 37Whr battery, which ensures up to 5-hour battery life. Flipkart also announces it will allow a door-step warranty with support for more than 10,000 pin code coverage.

Commenting on the launch, Adarsh Menon, Senior Vice President —Private Brands, Electronics and Furniture, Flipkart, stated, “Our private brand portfolio aims at creating and designing outcomes that help clients full-fill goals without having to worry about budget constraints.”

The ‘Falkon Aerbook’ gives best-in-class features, creates a strong value plan for our customers, and brings on-the-go computing within everyone’s reach.

With the help of Intel and Microsoft’s expertise, we have formed a laptop that offers superior appearance, designed to satisfy the needs of Indian consumers,” he continued.


  • OnePlus has revealed a concept phone at a press event at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The OnePlus concept phone features a McLaren inspired design with an electrochromic glass technology to hide the camera. This new technology could change the transparency of the camera concealing glass, which OnePlus is referring to as the “invisible camera”.
  • OnePlus says that Concept One’s glass uses organic particles to create a change in transparency so that the glass covering the camera lens can be completely clean in an instant from opaque black.

Phone features

The glass panels are 0.1 mm each for a combined total of only 35 mm. Glass also offers a practical advantage, doubling as a built-in polarization filter for the camera that can be used to obtain sharper, more finely detailed shots under bright light.

This invisible camera has been rigorously tested and calibrated for speed. The OnePlus concept takes 7 s to completely clean the One Glass with solid black paint, even faster than the camera fully activates itself. OnePlus claims that this is the fastest speed yet achieved in the industry, and it uses almost no power. The company has spent about eight months and tested over a hundred different options for smart toothbrushes.

Next to this FMCG firm Procter & Gamble, the Consumer Electronics Show, from connected baby care systems to toilet paper robots to toothbrushes, took the stage to unveil innovative technology products at Las Vegas. The company made its comeback at CES 2020 to showcase its cutting-edge technologies, to develop innovative products that transform everyday consumer experiences

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