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As city life gets entangled in time constraint abandoning kitchen and still having leisurely food depends on food home delivery service. The next best thing to eating food is talking about it.

Today I will be talking about food home delivery service. If you want to survive the stress of work without worrying about cooking food in a busy city life then food home delivery service becomes your best foodie friend. If you cook at home your choices are limited to your knowledge of cooking. To enjoy the diversity of Indian food home delivery service becomes your best friend.

The Indian food industry is booming as food joints and restaurant mushroom in all cities and towns. The office people who do not have time and energy to be in the hustle-bustle of restaurants prefer to avail food home delivery service to enjoy quiet dinner with their near and dear ones.

Consumers can now have their favourite food at their doorstep. Indian food is one of the tastiest and subtlest in the world. Culinary diversity is one of India’s treasures.
Food Delivery Apps in India has become instantly popular among youngsters. People have a huge number of choice to select among the apps to compare and pay with offer price from online food ordering app. Online ordering of food and home delivery, cashback, reward points and heavy discounts summarize the current delights that restaurants offer to their consumers. 

There is a huge consumer market, changing consumer habits, increase in disposable home delivery food services have evolved a new cooked food marketing system in India. Home food delivery industry has evolved and has become bigger and better. Indian online food ordering market set to grow at 16.2% and touch $17.02 billion by 2023.
JHATPAT Ready is a Food Retail Venture based in Delhi serving Vegetarian Multi-Cuisine dishes taking inspiration from Daily Life, from Breakfast to Dinner, through Takeaway & home delivery options. 

USP of JHATPAT Ready is Fresh Preparations, here recipes are designed with a lot of raw vegetables, fruits & whole grains. Meals served here have Low Oil, Low Spice but that’s not all if you love hot and spicy meals JHATPAT Ready has customization options as per individual taste.
Health is wealth. Time is spent on one’s health, well-being, and daily nutrition is the biggest causality in modern lifestyle. The thought behind JHATPAT Ready is that food we eat should never be compromised.  
Meals are designed in such a manner that all age groups, individuals, children and adults can nourish regularly without worrying about health & well being. Thus breaking the stereotype that “Outside” food cannot be eaten regularly. Hygiene, nutrition value is the top priority of JHATPAT Ready, use of quality ingredients, & preparation of new recipes based on the feedback of the people is the hallmark of this food joint.

No doubt Home Made Food is the best food, but when one has “No Time” JHATPAT Ready can help out every household or an individual with an option from Fresh Processed Ingredients, Ready to Use & Mix, Cook Kits, or fully Prepared Fresh Meals

Some of the Best Sellers are Healthy Mix Chana Salad, Healthy Kala Chana Crunchy Chat, Crunchy Bhelpuri Kit, Fruit Salad, Anar Lemonade, Hot Masala Pasta, Paneer Capsicum Sandwich, Aloo Toast, Yellow Dal Fry, Vegetable Fried Rice, Russian Salad etc.If you feel too tired after a busy day at the office just think about food home delivery service and enjoy nutritious food before night sleep. So folks time to say goodbye but stay healthy and wealthy till we meet again.

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