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Free Food Grains Have Been Arranged: PM

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PM Modi during Bihar.

The PM said that Mandi and MSP are excuse brokers and middlemen have to be saved. Before the Lok Sabha elections, when the work of giving money directly to the bank account of the farmers started, what confusion did they spread? When Rafale planes were purchased, they were still speaking the language of middlemen and brokers.

  1. The PM said that Bihar has a glorious history in the education system of the country. Taking inspiration from the National Education Policy, now efforts will be made, all technical courses including medical, engineering will also be taught in the mother tongue. 
  2. Continuous efforts are also being made for self-employment opportunities in Bihar. The Mudra scheme provides loans to the poor, women, young entrepreneurs, shopkeepers without any guarantee. 
  3. The facility of entrepreneurs, who are a group of Didis in villages, has also been increased. Connectivity has been the government’s priority of the NDA’s double engine. Today, the road is reaching almost every village in Bihar.
  4. National highways are widening. Today, new and modern bridges are being built over the rivers of Bihar.

The PM said that whether the country had been waiting for years to remove article-370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

  • We took this decision, the NDA government took it. But today these people are talking about reversing this decision.
  • They are saying that if they come to power, article-370 will be implemented again. These people have never been concerned with your needs. Their focus has been on their selfishness, on their chest.
  • This is the reason that basic amenities like electricity, roads, water could not be developed for a long time in entire Bihar including Bhojpur.

The PM said that where the country is moving forward by resolving the crisis, these people are standing in front of every resolution of the country. The country decided to liberate the farmers from middlemen and brokers, then in favour of middlemen and brokers are openly in the field.

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