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Frenzy by Trump Adherents

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In the US, there is a political tussle over the outcome of the US President Election 2020. President Donald Trump has accused the rigging of elections and is engaged in pressure. Meanwhile, a crowd of Trump supporters created a ruckus outside the US Capitol Hill building. US President-Elect Joe Biden has called the Trump supporters’ uproar at US Capitol Hill as treason.

According to a Reuters report, the news of the death of a woman shot in the violence in the US Capitol Hill while 3 other people have died in the violence outside the Parliament. The complex was closed after violent clashes between the police of protesters. Within the Capitol, it was announced that no person could go outside or inside the Capitol Hill complex due to external security threats.

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The woman killed in the violence was previously in the Airforce.

The woman killed during the violence in the US Capitol has been identified by the local police. It is reported that the name of the deceased was Ashlee Babbitt, who was from San Diego. According to US media, Ashley had also lived in the US Air Force. 

According to reports, Ashlee was shot while entering the Capitol Building. She was with other rioters. American broadcaster Fox News has claimed to have spoken to Ashley’s mother-in-law. According to her, she was a firm trump supporter. After being shot, an attempt was made to take Ashlie to the hospital, but she died on the way.

15-day emergency declared in Washington DC

In the US capital Washington DC, the Mayor has imposed a public emergency for 15 days. Mayor Muriel Bauser said, “Many people came to the city with the aim of violence and sabotage with weapons and they committed violence and sabotage. They left chemical, bricks, bottles, shot and fired. “He said, “His actions still continue.” After this decision, more resources will be used to protect people in the city, such as curfew, increasing emergency services and sharing of necessities.

Senate rejects Trump’s challenge over Arizona’s election results

In the US, the Senate has rejected Donald Trump’s challenge to newly elected President Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona, saying Arizona’s results are valid. The election results in Arizona were objected to by Republican lawmakers Paul Gosar and Senator Ted Cruz, who was rejected by 93 votes against three on Wednesday. All Republican MPs were likely to get votes in its favour, but after the uproar in the Capitol complex, the MPs decided not to support the objection. Republican lawmakers objected to the election results based on President Trump’s false claims. However, Trump’s claims have been rejected several times by Arizona courts and state election officials.

3 killed, 25 arrested in violence outside Capitol Hill

Violence by Trump supporters led to the death of a woman who was shot inside Capitol Hill. Now the news is coming that 3 other people have died in the violence outside the Parliament. Washington DC Police Chief Robert Conti said that all three died due to medical emergency during the violence outside Capitol Hill.

PM Modi expressed grief

PM Modi tweeted- ‘I am distressed to see the news of riots and violence in Washington DC. The orderly transfer of power should continue in a peaceful manner. The democratic process cannot be allowed to come under pressure through illegal protest.

Trump appealed for peace

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has appealed to his supporters for peace. Seeing the ruckus, the National Guard has been dispatched. 

The White House press secretary tweeted that the National Guard and other Central Security Force personnel have been dispatched on the instructions of President Trump. We are repeating the President’s appeal against violence and to maintain peace.

Electoral votes count in Congress’s joint session

Counting of electoral votes is beginning in the joint session of the Congress, which is headed by Vice President Mike Pence. Vice President Mike Pence has refused to interfere in vote counting, citing the Constitution. President Trump put a lot of pressure on Vice President Pence. After counting the votes, the name of the person who wins will be announced officially.

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