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From 1947 to 2020 nothing has improved for the impoverished

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It is almost 70 plus year India has got the Independence but Poor is converting in most destitute poverty more rich is becoming more opulent. Today as Country going through 50 + days lockdown due to epidemic Coronavirus. The labourers of the Country is facing predicaments. 

There is hardly anything done for the needy, Labour section of India is walking almost 500 km from their place to the home place. Each person is hiking 10 to 12 hours daily to arrive homey.

As per the report of the World Economic Forum According to the State of World Population report, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and the number is steadily growing every year. India, where the majority of the population is still dependent on agriculture, is no exception to this trend. As per the census, the level of urbanisation in India has increased from 27.81% in 2001 to 31.16% in 2011. Urbanisation in India is a consequence of demographic explosion and poverty-induced rural-urban migration.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are the biggest source states, followed closely by Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal; the major destination states are Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Labour in India leads to the vocation in the prosperity of India. In 2012, there were around 487 million workers in India, the second largest after China.

Ramesh Sharma the homeowner from Saharanpur talk to India Business Story. Mr Sharma is serving the migrant labourers from the lockdown 1 when labour commenced from one point to another.

Sharma Ji shared his involvement with us he is serving the Food packets to the penniless people. He told us that from last 55 days he has aided almost 2000 migrant labourers in Saharanpur.  

Mr Sharma told us that during this stage his team has made 5000 kg of rice and simmered soybean. He told us that the health of the migrant is not very immeasurable some don’t have cash some are in the sick shape we also some practitioners for them. There are lakhs Ramesh Sharma and Ali Joseph are serving in the ways of India to help the labourers.

Now what the Indian Government has done to help the Migrant Labourers  

Indian Railways bestows an amount of INR 151 crores to PM Care fund

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown implemented in the nation is now going to be two months. Meanwhile, the rail service that has been stalled for a long time is about to start once again.

Some trains started from Rajdhani Delhi on May 12, for which ticket booking will start from May 11, ie, four o’clock this evening. This is the first beginning for the common people to open traffic after lockdown. Once again, know the answer to every question regarding the start of the train service…

Does the ticket cost?

According to the railway, the trains that will start from May 12 will run only with AC coaches. That means the tickets of these trains will be somewhat more expensive than normal or they will have to bear the cost of the Rajdhani tickets. This is being done by the Railways so that only the very needy can travel and social distancing can be followed in the train as well.

The special thing is that even in the special trains currently running, the railways have started the facility of waiting tickets for the passengers. According to information received from the railway, waiting tickets can be booked for special trains were running from May 22. The railway has fixed the date of 22 May because ticket booking for trains up to 20 May has already been completed.

Now trains will stop at more stations

Officials said that the Railway Ministry will ensure that special trains stop at more places for the convenience of migrant labourers. Before this, the decision of where special trains would stop was also in the hands of the state governments and they allowed trains to stop at very few stations.

According to the SOP, the sending states and Union Territories and the Ministry of Railways will ensure that all passengers are compulsorily examined. Also, only those passengers, who do not have corona symptoms, should be allowed to board the train.

Passengers must follow etiquette

During boarding and travelling on the train, all passengers will have to take care of social distance. Upon arriving in their states, travellers will have to follow the health protocol framed by that state or union territory.

But despite these exercises, workers are slumping 

In Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh, a truck collided with a DCM full of migrant labourers, killing 24 workers. 15 people are injured in this incident. On the spot while several people were injured. It was dark at the time of the incident, so there was a lot of difficulty in running the rescue operation.

The administration helped the people around and the injured were rushed to the hospital.

State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed deep sorrow over this incident and expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

  1. The Chief Minister has directed to provide proper treatment to all the injured immediately.
  2. The Chief Minister directed the Commissioner and IG of Kanpur to visit the spot and report the reasons for the incident as soon as possible. The Chief Minister has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Earlier in Muzaffarnagar, 6 labourers died late on Wednesday night.

The driver of the roadways bus that pounded the labourers has been jailed. The medical report exhibited that the driver was plastered. At the moment, the police have registered a case.

Police say that at around 22.30 on Wednesday night, the roadways bus coming towards Rohna toll was coming. The driver of the bus was drunk and was driving the bus fast and haphazardly. He trashed the workers going on foot. 6 workers were killed in this mishap, while 4 workers were injured. The condition of the two is crucial.

In Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), then workers were killed in a road accident. In this accident in (Sagar) district, 5 labourers died and about 15 people were injured.

All the workers are residents of Uttar Pradesh who were returning home from Maharashtra. The injured have been sent to Banda immediately for treatment. The police and the administration team have reached the accident site. Relief and rescue work is going on. These workers were carrying bundles of polythene in the truck.

In Sagar district, a truck carrying workers near Banda overturned. 

It killed 5 workers and injured 15 people. The dead include 3 women and 2 men. The workers were riding in the truck along with their family. There were a large number of small children among them. The accident occurred near Semrapul in Baxwaha, 20 km from Banda. 

Bus Politics in Uttar Pradesh 

Uttar Pradesh’s bus politics once again has a new twist. Buses parked on the Rajasthan-UP border are now returning. These buses are returning empty from there. At the same time, on Wednesday evening, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that if these buses are to be used, then do not use them, then we will send them back. Like it was sent three days ago after CM Yogi’s announcement.

Priyanka said that the way we are helping people, we will continue to do so. It does not matter to us whether you have buses or ours. We are just looking to help with service.

Priyanka said that we want to help. We had talked about sending one thousand buses to the Chief Minister on 16 May with positive and serviceable spirit. We also welcomed his good steps. The next day the Chief Minister announced that UP Roadways has 12000 buses, your buses are not needed. On May 17, we sent back 500 buses parked in Ghaziabad.

Priyanka said that the next day, through a letter, she asked us the list of bus, driver, and conductor. We made the list of buses available within 4-5 hours of his letter. Through a letter from 11:30 in the night, he asked 1000 buses to reach Lucknow by 10 in the morning.

Buses running in the name of labourers are stuck in political difficulties. The tussle continues between the Congress and Yogi Government. When the Congress buses were not given entry in the state, the party’s national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday again appealed to allow buses for labourers. He said that even though the BJP put up its posters on the buses, or itself said that it has run the buses, we have no objection to this, but help the labourers.

Priyanka Gandhi said that buses were standing on the Ghaziabad border on Tuesday, but they were not given permission. Buses are still standing there, the government should allow them to run so that workers can be helped. In a thousand buses that the government finds fit to run, at least the same should be started. If buses had run in these two days, then 92 thousand people would have reached home.

Sending an empty bus was like slaying the situation

Priyanka said that the next day, through a letter, she asked us the list of bus, driver, and conductor. We made the list of buses available within 4-5 hours of his letter. Through a letter at 11:30 in the night, he asked 1000 buses to reach Lucknow by 10 in the morning. Priyanka said that the purpose of our buses parked in Delhi was to bring labourers going on foot from Delhi NCR, Noida, and Ghaziabad. In such a situation, the empty running of these buses from Delhi to Lucknow was like ending the purpose.

After almost 38 years these mottoes remain stirring in India Gandhi Garibi Hatao (“Remove poverty”) was the motive and slogan of Indira Gandhi’s 1971 election campaign. The slogan and the proposed anti-poverty programs that came with it were designed to give Gandhi independent national support, based on rural and urban poor, which would allow her to by-pass the dominant rural castes both in and out of state and local government; likewise the urban commercial class. 

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