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From Tik Tok star to Candidate of BJP in Haryana

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TikTok is animated at its ‘flourishing centre in India which applies the platform to showcase their creativity. Sensing her fame amongst TikTok users in Haryana, the BJP elected to pit the small screen actor and novice activist against sitting lawmaker Bishnoi

Is Tik Top helps this Candidate to get a ticket for Ballots in Haryana? 

Those who analyse Chinese short video-making app TikTok can take a backpack, for here is Sonali Phogat — a TikTok sensation, who has settled a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket for the Adampur seat in Haryana against three-time MLA Kuldeep Bishnoi from the Congress party.

Who is Sonali Phogat 

  • With over 20 lakh supporters, Phogat has made over 175 short videos which are immensely popular in Haryana, especially among young voters.

The main speculation why she makes her debut in Politics 

  • Sensing her fame amongst TikTok users in Haryana, the BJP decided to pit the small screen actress and amateur activist facing sitting legislator Bishnoi — the son of three-time Chief Minister late Bhajan Lal in this Jat-dominated seat.
  • To the entertainment of people who often use TikTok, Phogat can be seen shaking her saree at the beach, training in the gym, performing sizzling dance numbers on popular songs or just walking down the path while a Bollywood number sounds in the background.
  • To Phogat’s faith, she realises that TikTok which has over 200 million users in Indiahas become a rage in small cities and towns among homemakers, scholars and the young people who want to shoot short videos and share across social media stages including WhatsApp, giving instant fame.

Why Tik Tok so Popular… 

  • Trailing 15 seconds of credit, millions of Indians are pinned on to TikTok and the development of the Chinese short video-sharing app — despite discussions and calls for command — has created stars like Phogat, who have managed to arrive the top echelons of the society.
  • TikTok, meantime, is jovial at its “thriving city in India which utilises the stage to showcase their creativity”.
  • It is a win-win situation for TikTok which is monetizing its stage by focusing on common expressions.
  • Although Phogat declares that she got the BJP ticket because of her hard work as a party worker for the past 12 years and not for her TikTok appearance, the story is different if you see her 15-second videos and her growing supporter centre which is making her videos viral across social media pulpits.

Besides this, BJP’s women nominees in Haryana Assembly polls

A mong the 12 women candidates fielded by the party, five are sitting MLAs.

  • Prem Lata, the wife of ex-Union Minister Birender Singh and mother of Hisar MP Brijendera Singh, is soliciting re-election from Uchana Kalan assembly constituency. Uchana Kalan in Jind region has been a bastion of Birender Singh, who has served the seat five times. However, she suffers a tough competition from Dushyant Chautala of Jannayak Janta Party (JJP).
  1. The BJP has given many tickets to youth and first-timers…

The leading new faces of BJP include wrestler Babita Phogat, a Commonwealth gold medallist, who entered the BJP in August. She is challenging from Dadri, a seat in Bhiwani-Mahendragarh Lok Sabha constituency which BJP has never acquired.

  • Babita displayed a household name after Bollywood movie ‘Dangal’, a film about the efforts of her father Mahavir Phogat who trained her daughters into wrestlers facing social customs.
  • The BJP has fieldedNauksham Chaudhary, a 28-year-old Miranda House alumnus, from Mewat’s Punhana, also a constituency the party has never succeeded.
  • In Uklana, a private voter in Hisar district, the party has fielded a “Dalit Bahu”, Asha Khedar who is wedded to a Jat businessman. Asha Khedar has said in records that she had never gone to her in-laws without “ghunghat” (cover overhead and face). After filing her submission she is touring like any other applicant.
  • Santosh Danoda and Kamlesh Dhanda have filed namings from Narwana and Kalayat respectively.

Kamlesh Dhandha is the spouse of former state minister Narsingh Dhanda. The main battle in Haryana is between BJP, Congress, INLD and JJP. The BJP came to government in Haryana in 2014 for the first term.

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