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Gang Maltreatment With Dalit Girl in Balrampur

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Media Reports The hysteria of gang abduction with a Dalit girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, did not make people feel that sensational news of gang rape and killing with a Dalit girl has come to glitter in UP Balrampur. The victim was cremated late night after the postmortem.

However, here, two boys called a Dalit girl on the pretext of friendship and carried out the gang-rape incident with it. After executing this heinous act, both the accused in critical condition sent the girl to home, sitting on a rickshaw, where she died. The police have arrested both the accused.

According to the police, the name of an accused is Shahid, his father’s name is Habibullah and he is a resident of Gandi. The name of the second accused is Sahil. His father’s name is Hamidullah, this person is also from Gandhi.

Balrampur police have said that in this case, both the accused have been arrested after taking prompt action by the police. The police have said that the matter of the victim’s arm, leg and waist break is not correct in this case. This has not been confirmed in the post mortem report.

The student went to get admission

According to the report, the victim is a college student. On the complaint of the student’s brother, the police have registered a case of rape and murder on two named people. This incident is from Gansdi Kotwali area. On Tuesday, B-Com went to the degree college of Pachapedwa to get admission for the second year B-Com student.

Rickshaw chauffeur left the girl in a wounded state

In the evening, a rickshaw driver left the girl near her house in an unconscious state. When the family started going to the hospital with the girl, she died on the way. The family members allege that the girl was abducted while returning from college and was gang-raped in a room in Gansdy town.

Since this incident, the sensation has spread in the whole area. The police have arrested two nominated youths on the complaint of the student’s brother. The girl’s slippers were found lying outside the room where she was accused of gang-rape in Gansdi market. The rickshaw from which the girl was transported to her house has also been found standing in front of the same house.

Grocery store owner’s name surfaced

  • The room where the incident of gang rape with the student is being said is the room behind a grocery store. 
  • The man running the grocery store is being described as the mastermind of the incident. After the gang rape, when the girl’s condition started deteriorating, the youth of the neighbourhood called a private doctor for treatment. 
  • But the private doctor, after seeing the girl alone in the room, refused treatment and asked the youth to inform her family members. 
  • The police have conducted a post-mortem of the dead body and arrested both the youths.

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